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More Help Please With Yet Another ?

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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 06:17 AM
I"d like to express my sincerest gratitude towards everyone who posts anwhere on ATS, but more particularly to those that spend the time to answer questions asked here. I'll hope that someone can answer this one for me because it may help with my experiment. Forgive me for not writting down the username to the thread titled 'if i ask you to read, will you...I can't find it to see if anyone answered my ?. Q= Has it been proven that no planet exists on the opposite side of our sun which orbits the sun at the same rate of speed as OUR earth...could this be the most monumental oversight in historical record...kind of like playing hide & seek all along while we're looking into DEEP space maybe ET's home is so close that it's gone undetected? Thanks for researching this or bring archived info to my attention, Mike

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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 09:16 AM
Been watching too much Dr. Who, eh?
I dont think that there is any concise answers re: a mirror planet in what would be considered Earths Lagrange 3 point. The small discussions that I have ever seen about this usually boils down into matters of gravitation.

If such a planet actually existed in our current scientific cosmology, as a spherical world that revolved around the sun, it would be permanently hidden behind the sun but nevertheless detectable from Earth, because of its gravitational influence upon the other planets of the Solar System. No such influence has been detected, and indeed space probes sent to Venus, Mars and other places could not have successfully flown by or landed on their targets if a Counter-Earth existed, as it was not accounted for in navigational calculation.

Since Earth has an elliptical orbit and its orbital velocity varies slightly; a Counter-Earth would have to be in a very precisely tuned orbit to remain behind the Sun at all times. Further, a Counter-Earth's orbit would be unstable on a relatively short geological timescale, and would soon drift away from being exactly opposite Earth's location.

Wiki Source

In order for the body to never have been seen and to remain in Earth orbit but forever hidden by the sun opposite of us would mean that the body would have to be nearly exactly the same velocity, size, mass and elipsis as the Earth. If not, and if any of these factors were off by the littlest bit, over the millennia we would have been able to observe this body at some point in time and would most likely it would end up colliding with Earth somewhere along the line. Also, Venus, Mars and Jupiter would at some time perturb this body in its orbit as they do Earth and over time would have allowed it to be observed as gravitationhal anomolies in those two planets.

Oh, and Voyager would have seen it at some point in time as well.

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