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random guy asking me about patriot act!

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 06:21 PM
sooo random..especially in my "hood"

i was walking my dog around the block and this guy who was pushing a stroller with a baby was like "excuse me miss can i ask you a question?" i was like sure but honestly in my head i was like "OH GOD" mostly because i live in a crappy area and when someone says that it means they want your number or something like that.. anyway so he says "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PATRIOT ACT?"
i was in shock! hahaha honestly i never had anyone come up and ask me something of that nature i was so caught off guard i paused for a minute then i began talking .he was like wow i asked other people and they dont even know what i am talking about. we begin to talk how its sad its to that level and how the freedoms will be slowly taken away if people dont stop paying attention to the "bling and paris hilton " haha but anyway i thought it was super cool honestly in my hood u would never expect that to be a topic of convo..he told me to look up some video on youtube called "money masters" has anyone heard of it? ill check it out later i have class in a minute but i just thought i would share this story! a pleasant surprise

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