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Feeling so blue

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 10:32 PM
Spiders can be black
Snakes can be too
Why is it I sit here
Feeling so blue

Looking out side,
Seeing children play
Seeing mothers smile
Thinking should I prey


What about that poor child
Who’s parents were killed or kidnapped
What about that poor father
Who is now handicapped?

Should I cry for all the mothers
Should I think of all the brothers
Was all this tragedy really worth
Removing one evil mother f***er

In a midst of all this pain
In view of all this suffering
I see but some smiling faces
I hear some people in shame

How can a human possibly be happy
How can someones soul be so dark
As to profit, plunder and prosper
Of something where peace feels so far


How can anyone back this war
Who could possibly be so dumb
Its Surely not you or I
I cant believe there are some

Reports of weapons
documents or facts
Videos and audios,
And promises from hacks

Corporations making money
Governments making some too
All because of that little country
Who’s oil is running through

So I go back to this mother
And the children outside
I go back to my thoughts
That make me want to hide

I see a baby crying
I see a baby bleeding
I prey to god for revenge
For its you that death is speeding

Back this war if you will
Believe the profits are worth it
But trust me when I speak these words
Your soul will never forget it.

Thankgod for the democray we bought this nation
thankgod for their land, with all the oil.
How on earth did Iraqis end up
with our corporate blood under their SOIL!

There's a reason they hate us... and it has nothing to do with our 'freedoms'

The world doesnt say things like this:

for no reason.

Americans are so patriotic
they really care for their own
but even when its their men and womein dying
they continue to be shown

The world will not forget.
and so it shouldnt
because your men are no different
from the goosestepping nazi footmen!

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