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Am I seeing things?

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 08:23 PM
Hi, I had a weird dream the other night and it made me think of stuff I've seen and heard earlier in my life. First of all my dream was very weird but all i could recall was that i was put in a body bag and i was still alive i tried to escape but couldn't then i woke up. Well heres my story:

I was around 3 or 4 years old and every morning i would get up early before everyone else and watch my cartoons in the living room. One day i was there by my self when my tv starts to blur out i change the channel then change it back thats when my eyes fell on this dog like figure with red eyes in a cabinet of my entrainment center. i was freaked out i ran to my parents room and told them about what I saw my dad scanned all over the entrainment center and found nothing i was really scared.
I don't know if this helps but when we moved form that apartment my dad told me that people died in there and he often heard someone trying to open the door but when he check no one would be there.

I lived in that apartment till i was 6.
I had a babysitter that my dad would always take me to because he worked and my mom worked. One day around 5 am. My dad took me to my babysitter as always when and slepted in the couch like always. As i'm getting comfy i look at the corner of the room and i see a man grinning at me his eyes weren't red they were a dark yellow he just sat there grinning didn't talk to me or anything. I was still 6 at that time

No i live somewhere else i'm 7.
I share a room with my uncle which he is like my brother in a way. He often worked or partied late so he wasn't home till 3 am every morning. I slepted in the room all night by myself . When i got there it seem like a nice place i had walk in closet and room for my Nintendo. I liked it there. It was until two weeks later that i start hearing my name being called in the middle of the night. I also had the feeling someone was watching me. From that day on i slepted with the light on. I never did see anything in that apartment. But i always had the feeling that someone or something was there.

I moved out of that place when i was 13 and my parents bought a house. Nothing strange there it seem great actually. I lived in that house for 2 years then i moved to Las Vegas.

I turned 14 in Las vegas.
My family lived with my aunt for awhile till my dad could get a decent job. I liked living with her no one was usually home and could do what ever i pleased. It was towards the last month of living with her that i noticed something weird every so often i would see a small person run around at 10pm then at 10:23pm there was no pattern the person or thing would just run outside couldn't see its face but was always shirtless.

After that we moved out and my parents got a new house i get a room to my self it was great. Nothing strange ever happen i just the usual hearing of my name but i learned to lived with it. I've always heard someone calling me when no one was around and its usually a womens voice.
well one night a couple days before my 16 birthday i went to sleep early wasn't really sleepy just sore from soccer.I get in my bed and start listening to my I-pod I listen to it for about an hour when i hear my name between the lyrics but its in a static and its a male voice i thought it to be strange so i turned up the volume and still i heard the same voice i turn and look at the side of my bed and theres a mixed light blue and white figure staring at me it had a bald head a plain shirt couldn't see any feet arms with no hands visible.

After all that is when i had a the dream of me being a body bad trying to escape.

I hope that I didn't bore you guys but i'm just so confused i think i might be going crazy or something how is it possible that i see and hear things
if anyone knows whats wrong with me please let me know.


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