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Black holes, a creational theory.

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posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 12:42 PM
Please read and comment,
i am posting up some theories that have been running through my mind for a few days now concerning the creation of the universe and the big bang theory. I'll first explain my own theory concerning matter and anti-matter, i believe that the big bang creates two universes a matter universe and a antiuniverse in tandem, these in turn are contained within a void of non matter, a place void of time, matter, gravity or purpose, purgatory if you like,
my theory of creation concerns super massive black holes, these drift through space consuming billions of tons of matter and reducing it to a singularity over millions of years and then according to some theorist's they simple shut down,
i propose that the singularity can only be contained untill a point where the gravitational force's combined with the massive electrical and time distortion creates a rift in our dimensional plane and intrudes into the void, now this in itself wouldn't be much of a problem, but what if the antiuniverse also had a supermassive blackhole that intruded into the void and connected with the matter universe, a 100% conversion to energy of the mass contained within the two singularities i.e a bloody big bang,
now my theory has two outcomes if this is correct, either the parent universes would be completely destroyed in the creation of two new universes (This is based on my other theory that within the void, matter and antimatter would repell each other to form two new universes) and this would continue over and over, or two new universes would be created within the void, the parent universes being shielded from the expolsive combination by the massive gravitational fields created by the blackholes,which could theoretically hold countless universes.

The other theory i had is that our universe could be the offspring universe of two parent universe/antiuniverse going through the process outlined above within a void, spawning countless universe's made up of the dominant matter at the time of explosion, ours just happens to be matter, hence the rarity of antimatter within our own universe.

The basis of this theory is the fact that a big bang or any explosive force has to have some form of catalyst, something won't simply explode on its own without something else to react with it, this is coupled with the fact that combining matter with anti-matter produces the greatest explosive force known to man and also the vast amounts of matter combined in two super massive blackholes makes me wonder if the theory is sound or at least has some iota of probability.

These theorys as far as i know are my own, but i am by no means a theoritical physicist, if there are gaping holes in my logic please explain in lay man terms or even expand upon the idea if there is something to it, your thoughts would be appreciated, also if you are already familiar with a familiar theory could you give me some pointers on research material, thanks.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 07:04 PM
Hi I will be able to help u out alot here as i have had the same feeing as well but i need to go to bed as there is so much to explain here,s an excellent insight to everything its a bit of a read but you'll find what your looking for,

and Jan Winkherik who had the idea of the book and he's more than willing to discuus topics, you will find some interesting thoeries on black holes which makes total sense.
The book was writtem by certain scietist and spiritualist a must read, you can read it on line or print, i advice to print but make sure you have just fillid your ink cartridges.

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