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We all say we want a world at peace. how will we ever get there

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 07:06 PM

Originally posted by jedimiller
It's all too easy. The simple answer is always the one to avoid.

1. Eliminate the military.

somewhat agree

2. Destroy all weapons of mass destruction.


3. Collect all ammo, weapons, guns-Destroy them.

disagree... i mean, there are legit uses for certain weapons.

4. Open borders. One world race: Humans.


5. Uniformity. Everyone wearing the same clothing.

i completely disagree. the suppression of individual choice is never the answer

6. Basic education worldwide. No teacher, but the group is the teacher.

disagree as well to an extent. i agree with worldwide education, but not with the method

7. Destroy all cars. Switch to bicycles and walking.

disagree, this would limit humanity and make point 4 kind of useless. i say we invest in advances in fuel efficiency and alternative fuels

8. Work 4 days a week.

nah, 5 works well

9. become a democratic world.

i guess, to an extent. not pure democracy, to be sure. democratically elected representative government

10. One world Christianity.

inquisitions, homophobia, etc arguments i could pluck out of the bible.

i say one world of choice without separation. you're a christian, i'm an atheist, he's a hindu, she's a muslim, that guy over there is a buddhist.
how about we change it to "you're a person, i'm a person, he's a person, she's a person, that guy over there is a person"

one world christianity would create more problems than it solves.


here's how i say we do it: gradual progress through education and removal of ignorance from the world, compassion, and, above all, a removal of this pesky thing known as nationalism.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 12:05 PM

How will we ever get there? [World peace]

Step 1: Create [sufficiently] and distribute [efficiently] resources to satisfy all people.

Right now we have sufficient resources to satisfy all people, but the way we distribute them is so inefficient that 40.000 children die every day from lack of food and water. We could distribute them efficiently, but corruption, politics and bureaucracy makes this impossible.

Step 2: We need to develop our culture and spirituality.

Right now we are a world governed by materialism, consumtion and money. These three things need to decrease significantly if peace will ever occur on Earth.

Step 3: We need to coexist with nature, not abuse it.

Right now we abuse nature like a virus, this abuse only shows who we really are. We judge a civilization by the standard of living and conditions of the poorest man alive in that civilization. We are at the bottom, in each minute 30 children die because our civilization fails to provide the basic needs. Exponential growth is irrelevant if we can't provide for eveyone.

Step 4: We need a political system [Politeia] where the people are in charge not the elites. Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Right now we think Democracy is what we need, in fact, Democracy is a political system where the people govern in the interest of a small elite. We can say that the people have the illusion that they actually govern themselves. Democracy has to end for peace to occur. All political systems failed, so will Democracy. Politeia is the future.

Step 5: Everything we build must be efficient and justice must apply to eveyone.

Right now we have USA (300 million people) which consumes more than 25 % of the world population. We have 300 million people consuming as much as 1.75 billion people. This is very inefficient and unfair. While african children die of malnutrition, US childred get fat. Sorry if I sound biased, but this is the world where we live in.

Right now we have no justice in our world. As long as people with money can have huge houses [inefficient], consume as much as they want [inefficient] while other people have to live in small houses and fight for survival we will never have justice and peace.

Step 6: We need an efficient society which will no longer need money, since it will be able to provide for everyone.

Right now we use money which is slavery in disguise. Money is discriminatory, you can't have justice if you use money in a society. Peace and money don't work together, war and money work like a charm.


posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 05:09 PM
How can we get peace on earth?

It's very simple.

Leave Earth. Humans will never be peaceful.

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