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Come on down to the Fee Is Right!

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posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 12:30 PM
What do you guys think about this?

Take the cost of every product (non-food, non-smokable) of quality produced and sold here in the U.S. and make it become, instead of a one time price, a life time yearly super low fee. Call it: Urban Maintenance Fee (UMF). This would give the lower class a chance at living middle class, and the middle class a chance at living upper class.

A life time? Yes, so it cant be cancelled at any time unless you die. This would make ppl choose the durable and long lasting products. And thus companies would start to make their products durable and long lasting.

This you would think would require every person in the U.S., 18 years or older, to pay by check, money order, or credit card after the first initial payment. You couldnt be more partially incorrect. You see, in the initial payment one can use cash if they choose to or if they only can use cash. The thing is is that to make this better for "all" one can go to the place the product is being purchased from and make a cash payment toward the yearly fee. They can even pay for many years in advance, and of course come to pay for another person(s) that maybe couldnt or didnt want to come in person. Ha!

^^This should be the wave of the present from a set future plan. Society's lower class will surely prosper the most.

Some of you are thinking it shouldnt be every product but for products costing $40 and up. Right! And I'd think so too. Glad I though of it. Ha! Matter of fact it should be an option for the consumer to pay the life time yearly fee or pay a product's retail or wholesale price (yes, wholesale, too, so it gives a chance for someone who wouldnt normally be able to afford to run a business to run a business).

Companies would have no problem with this fee thing in action because they'd be making more money over the long haul of each cosumer's life. Plus, on another hand, companies would care about human life (your longevity) to where they'd make sure they dont harm life with any of their products. They'd make things be safe for ppl.

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