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Information Levels

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posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 08:10 PM
Information Organization Levels

I noticed a while back, that there was a post on information levels, and now its nowhere to be found.
Once again for myself, and for the rest of the ATS community, what are these levels of information?
Any Governments versions, of the Information Organization Levels would be accepted also!

From what i can remember it went like this,.
#1 Top Secret
#2 Top, Top Secret...(Above Top Secret???)
#3______________...(Really Above Top Secret??)

And Finaly
#7______________... (OMEGA??)

and,. Any special Organization's special Information Levels (ie. SSG, Majestic)
Would be extreamly accepted.

Thank you,!

[Note: This Thread should Be A Pin]

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 08:31 PM
One is Cosmic Top Secret

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 09:15 PM
If you will go to ATS search and search for Security Clearance Levels you will see several threads that might help you find what you are looking for.

There are several threads. I won't list them as it takes up time and space.

Good luck in your search.

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 10:34 PM
The list of Organizational Levels.

I Have been able to find a rather large list of Organizational Levels.

I dont see An "OMEGA" Clearence on here though.
(I do believe one exists however.)

-US Citizen
-US Customs
-US Treasury Clearance

-S - Secret
-TS - Top Secret
-Top Secret-Crypto
-Top Secret-Crypto SCI / TK / G / HCS-P
-Top Secret-Final / Crypto / Polygraph
-Top Secret-SCI / SBI
-Top Secret-SCI / HSC
-Top Secret-SCI / SI / TK
-Top Secret-SCI / SI / TK / G / B
-Top Secret-SCI / SI / TK / G / HCS
-Top Secret-SCI / SIOP
-Top Secret-SCI / SSBI
-Top Secret-SCI-Full/Scope Lifestyle-TS/SCI-Counterintelligence
-Top Secret-SBI-TS/SBI
-Top Secret-CISP-TS/CISP
-Top Secret-ISSA-TS/ISSA
-Top Secret-SAP-TS/SAP
-Top Secret-SCI-CI polygraph-TS/SCI/CI Poly
-Top Secret-SCI-Full/Scope Lifestyle-TS/SCI Lifestyle Poly
-Top Secret-SCI-TS/SCI
-Top Secret-SSBI-TS/SSBI
-Top Secret-SCI /SSBI / SI / TK
-Top Secret-SCI / TK / G / HCS / CI Poly
-Top Secret-SCI / TK / G / Lifestyle Poly
-Top Secret-SCI / SSBI / CI Poly
-Top Secret-SI / TK / B / +
-Top Secret-SSBI / CI Poly
-Top Secret-SSBI / SCI / TK / G / HCS
-Top Secret-SSBI / Lifestyle Poly
-Top Secret-SSBI / SCI
-Top Secret-SSBI / SCI/ SI / TK / G
-Top Secret-SSBI / SCI / SI / TK / G / B / HCS
-Top Secret-SSBI / SCI / TK / HCS
-Top Secret-SSBI / SCI-B
-Top Secret-EBI
-Top Secret-SCI - SI / TK / G / HCS / I / P
-Top Secret-CISP - TS / CISP
-Top Secret-ISSA - TS / ISSA
-Top Secret-SAP - TS / SAP
-Top Secret-SCI - CI Poly - TS / SCI / CI Poly
-Top Secret-SCI - Full / Scope Lifestyle - TS / SCI Lifestyle
-Top Secret-SCI - TS / SCI
-Top Secret-SSBI - SCI / TK / B / HCS / CI - Poly
-Top Secret-SSBI - TS / SSBI
-1C or 2C - Federal
-3C or 4C - Federal
-5C or 6C - Federal
-ADP 1
-ADP 2
-CIA Lifestyle Polygraph
-Cosmic Top Secret - ATOMAL/CTSA
-DEA Clearance
-DOD Lifestyle Polygraph
-DOD Secret
-DOD - Top Secret SSBI
-DOE - Nuclear
-DOE - C
-DOE - L
-DOE - Q
-DOJ - Sensitive
-DOJ - Secret
-DOJ - Top Secret
-EBI - Extended Background Investigation
-FAA Clearance
-Industrial Clearance
-Inactive Clearance
-Inactive Top Secret Crypto
-Interim Secret
-Interim Top Secret
-Interim TS / SCI
-NSA Lifestyle Polygraph
-Position of Public Trust 1C
-Position of Public Trust 2C
-Position of Public Trust 3C
-Position of Public Trust 4C
-Position of Public Trust 5C
-Position of Public Trust 6C
-Polygraph - Counterintelligence
-Polygraph - Full Scope / Lifestyle
-Secret COMSEC
-Secret SBI
-Yankee Fire
-Yankee White

-NATO Restricted
-NATO Secret
-COSMIC Top Secret

Special Abbreviations
-I- Intelligence: A sub-devision of SCI for people who work in places like NSA intelligence section or CIA
-Q-General: for people who work in areas where they might come into "accidental contact with classified info
-NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization
-SAP- Special Access Program
-SAR- Special Access Required
-COMSEC- Cryptological clearanace for working with codes
-DOD- Department of Defense
-ADP = access to DoD computer systems.
-SCI = Sensitive Compartmented Information
-SSBI = Single Scope Background Investigation
-CI = Compartmented Information
-SBI = Special Background Investigation
-DOJ = Department of Justice
-DOE = Department of Energy
-DOD = Department of Defense
-SIDA - Secured Identification Defense Area
-SAP - Special Access Programs
-FGI-Foreign Government Information

This should come as a great help to The ATS community.
So many of them are organization-ly inept.


posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 10:43 PM
I remember an Omega security level in the old Star Trek series.

I believe it was the clearance to open the Omega File.

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