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New theory on remotely controlled flights.

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 01:21 PM
Hello all-

There have been many debated items with respect to how the planes were flown on 911;

Did the hijackers fly the planes themselves?
Did they use FMS, (Flight Management System), to do it?
Did they possess the ability to perform either of these?
How did they remove the pilots from the cockpits?
How did the pilots not get off any hijack transponder codes or audible warnings?
Were the planes flown remotely?
Were they military aircraft disguised to look like commercial airliners?
Were they holograms?

I have another question I would like to throw out there. . .

Could an FMS, transponder, and other cockpit instrumentation be built to accept instructions from a digitally encrypted RF, yet look & respond normally to the pilots data entry, and then reprogrammed from a remote location?

This may answer a few of the aforementioned questions, and produce a scenario like this;

07:59- AA Flight 11 takes off as planned and the FMS is programmed by the pilots.

08:13- A routine acknowledgement to make a 20 degree turn to the right is the last communication received from the crew of AA 11 as it passes 26,000 feet.

08:14- AA 11 ignores an air traffic controller's order to climb to 35,000 feet because communications have been disabled from a remote location. The transponder has also been locked remotely so no distress code can be entered, and continues to transmit it’s mode-C signal as usual. Unknown to the pilots the only command it will respond to is to be shut off. The FMS is also contacted remotely and instructed to level off at 29,00 feet. The hijackers, priviledged to the exact time into the flight this will all take place, storm the cockpit & kill the pilots.

08:16- AA 11 levels off at 29,00 feet. The hijackers proceed to removed the dead pilots from the cockpit.

08:21- Mohammed Atta turns off the transponder, disabling the major mechanism for tracking the flight. Air traffic controller tells his supervisor something is wrong. This is also a signal to the remote location that the plane has been successfully taken by the hijackers, and new data is fed into the FMS. Communications have also been restored.

08:23- AA 11 changes course.

08:24- Mohammed Atta engages the intercom to talk to the passengers, but he has been deceived. He is actually broadcasting back to Boston ATC. This is done so there will be no mistake that the plane has indeed been hijacked to complete the cover story. He broadcasts the message, “We have some planes. Just stay quiet, and you’ll be O.K.. We are returning to the airport. “

08:25- Atta radios: "Nobody move. Everything will be O.K. If you try to make any moves, you’ll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet.” Air traffic control realizes the flight has been hijacked.

08:28- Boston air traffic controllers inform FAA Command Center in Herndon, Va., that AA 11 has been hijacked and is heading toward New York airspace.

08:32- FAA Command Center informs FAA headquarters that AA 11 may have been hijacked. FAA is supposed to call in the military. It doesn't.

08:34- Mohammed Atta: "Nobody move please. We are going back to the airport. Don’t try to make any stupid moves.”

08:34- Boston controllers take it on themselves to call the military.

08:38- Boston controllers reach the Northeast Air Defense Sector of NORAD. NORAD is conducting a security exercise at the time, and the call is initially thought to be part of the drill.

08:40- Someone at the FAA thinks to call Northeast Air Defense Sector of NORAD. They also are questioned whether or not this is part of the drill. They are informed the hijacking is real.

08:46- NORAD scrambles two F-15’s from Otis AFB in Massachusetts.

08:46- Atta takes over control of the plane from the autopilot to make one final maneuver and align with the target. AA11 slams into WTC 1.

I know I’m probably about to be flamed but-

Any thoughts? Thanx in advance.


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