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New Snooping System

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posted on Feb, 4 2004 @ 09:42 PM

Imagine being able to pinpoint someone's location anywhere in the world simply by typing a few keywords on your PC.

Software allows spooks to pinpoint specific locations
That is what software partly funded by the US military is trying to do.

The MetaCarta program works by analysing thousands of documents and cross-checking the results with a massive geographical database.

So far it has largely been used by US intelligence agencies to analyse the huge amount of information collected as part of the war on terror.

Full Article [ here ]

The claims about the software seem quite impressive, but I have my doubs that it can do all of what it is hyped to do. Look at how the spreading of doctored MP3s have troubled filesharing on the internet, surely there would be barages of false documents, websites, and emails circulating to clog the system and make it mostly useless.


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