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The pledge of allegiance or brainwash?

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 04:16 AM
I am not American, but i have come to understand that "The Pledge of Allegiance" is something every kid learn in school, is this correct?

i tried to research where this pledge came from and found out that the original pledge was written for the popular kid's magazine "Youth's Companion" in 1892. The owners of Youth's Companion were selling flags to schools, and approached Bellamy to write the Pledge for their advertising campaign, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Columbus arriving in America.

The original pledge:
I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

The pledge today:
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

not my question is, why do kids have to learn this pledge?

Is this pledge an early start of "brainwashing" to learn kids to take pride in their flag (country)? and to be learn greed in not sharing, hence the "indivisible"? and to be filled with anger if people doesnt live by this pledge they arent "under god"? and to provoke envy into people not living under this pledge as in "one nation under god", if your not in this nation your not under god? and to wake lust by promising "liberty and justice for all"? and to wake gluttony and sloth in people by saying, do this pledge and everything is fine, no worries, just kick back and relax America will take care of you?

I am trying to make some similarities to the 7 deadly sins.

I am not a cristian and this is just a mindspinning theory, but tell me what you think of this pledge and what feelings it has brought to you when you learned it?

And how can an advertising campaign suddently become a national pledge?

If this makes no sence to you than its ok, cause after writing this it seems somewhat farout for myself, but i just wanted to wake some thoughts in people, so i hope you enjoyed.

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 03:28 PM
hmmm i was actually hoping for just a bit of responce to this theory, but i ges either non of the people who have read it cares or maybe it is just to far out? idk

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 05:06 PM
is this really such a sensitive issue that noone dares to comment on it?

If that is the case then why but so many feelings into a "rewritten jingle"?

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 05:51 PM
Give people time, I think its brainwashing but dont really talk about it because it will always end in one big argument.

Theres the personalising of the military now at virtually every US sporting event, thats another form of subtle brainwashing.

You can see the results of this by the number of Americans who say the US is the best country in the world despite not ever going outside their borders.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by Bluess

It is brainwashing.

Pledges are for sheep. You want kids to recite something?

How about the preamble to the constitution.

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