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What is the climate in Oregon?

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posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 12:13 PM
Meteorlogically and politically?

How long are the summers and what's the warmest it usually gets, and likewise for winters?

I see Oregon has basically the same purchase and carry gun laws as we do here in Missouri, which is definitely a good thing. Can't argue with freedom. But what does the future of that attitude look like?

I also see Oregon appears to have failed her people by bowing down to the RealID Act. Is this expected to continue?

Oregon has a 9% income tax. Is this expected to be reduced or eliminated any time soon?

Finally, what city will I see the fewest number of "W '04" and "I miss Bill" stickers plastered everywhere?

I'm thinking of moving in 2009 and am researching possible destinations. Currently Oregon is top of the list. I appreciate any and all information provided with respect to my questions, as well as any additional relevant data or references.

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