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So let's get together and do something about the NWO......

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 04:45 AM
So many people on these boards have this helpless "oh well" expression as if we are all too comfortable in our lives to fight back. Of course we can't do it by ourselves, but if we slowly and methodically unite like Voltron, then we can begin to fight back.

1st off, a revolution with Guns and people dying is the last thing possible option/scenario. There are various weaknesses in the NWO and the world banks that we can take advatage of and slowly bring them down.

We need to form some sort of ANti-NWO organization and it has to be constructed in such a way that we can get the support of Intellectuals, scholars, proffessors, philosophers, Indy Media Giants (not owned by Murdoch), Actors, Fresh Young Politicians, Athletes, and so on.

Once we get enough people signed on we can start to fund it with donations, involve celebrities/Indy Media that can help bring attention to whats going on and so forth

What we can do is form this Org to be a World-Wide De-Cetralized pro-active informer and watchgroup. If it's de-centralized, if the NWO tries to shut the Org down we'll have various people who can grab the torch and lead the way if anyone gets arrested or silenced for being part of the Org.

IF we can brain storm it then we can begin to discuss the various ways of putting together. Once we have enough big wigs to endorse what we're bringing attention to, then we can inform people how they can help individually help to make a change.

Also behind closed doors we can discuss power tactics to bring them down like Shorting a bunch of "key" stocks, leaving "comercial" banks for smaller indy's and other power moves.

COME ON !!!!!!! WHO'S WITH ME????????

posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 04:49 AM
The way to move forward is with intelligent voting in elections. ATS, however will always be neutral on issues like this.

It's best explained here;

Why doesn't ATS allow "Activist" Recruiting?



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