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What do you understand

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 05:03 PM

New here and its good to find an interesting sight.
I see lately the talk about alien life, 2012, climatic change etc.

I have been following this subject for some 15 yrs now and see Uhmari has been following too. What I find interesting is the talk in the bible of judgement day.
This is how i see it;

many years ago prime creators had the idea to create this universe which eventually created us so they can learn from what our actions take. When the last contact happened (somewhere between 11,000-8,000 yrs ago) was when there was major climatic events that happen on an 10,000 yr cycle which we are currently going through the next climatic event which will produce major volcanic and earthquake activity in the next 5 yrs.
Our alien life knows of this and uses it to there advantage for the remaining planet life of their choice to be informed and re-educated for the next stage of evolution.
The forthcoming stage looks a special one as this will be so called judgement day.
Basically our Pleaidian ancesters sent down their dna into our bodies.
The reason, so over the next however many thousand years we will filter out the good and evil side of our Pleaidian dna.
Obviously they are wanting to rid of destruction and chaos in there world.
The date of 2012 (the reason why there are clues in ancient subjects on this date) is the next peak of climatic events especially with a solar flare projected towards Earth and with our magnetic field almost gone this is going to have some strange effect. The people who understand may go underground. This event happens every 10,000 yrs.

The good will be taken back to their world the bad will stay. It speaks of this in religions it has just all got confused over the years which there are reasons for mainly to distract our attention the reason for life is love. Why did they sacrifice Jesus? He just came down to remind us of what we are LOVE.

I may sound crazy, maybe I am.
Maybe over the yrs i have got to caught up in this but there has been to many coincidences for me to ignore.
Everything that i have learned links together from Egyptian philosophy - Atlantis - Qauntum Physics - geometry - astronomy - religions.

I am currently writing about my findings over the past 15 years which will show how it all links together, when I finish It will be available in a free e-book.

We Will Be As One Again.

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 12:33 AM
nice post, certainly possible
ive also always believed that the bible was originally based on something solid but basically turned into a symbolic fairy tale

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