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My Theory on UFO's

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posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 11:56 PM
First some facts...
1) Cloaking is no longer science fiction - Military may have had and been testing for decades before recent civilian disclosure.

2) Dirigibles have many similar charactoristics to mysterious hovering crafts.

3) Propulsion on "lighter than air" craft can be achieved with nuclear powered electromagnetics no need of noisy combustion

4) Lighting apartus on "large" dirigibles can be easily fired in sequence in such a way to cause the apearance the object is moving away at any speed the operator desires.

I propose lighter than air - craft are outfitted with cloaking material in order to avoid detection, cloaking material can easily bring celestrial objects behind it into the forground. Lighting aparatus used apropriately with cloaking can make the object appear to be many objects in tandem, many in independent flight as well as any of the above appear to be moving away at any rate of speed desired.

If one can accept all this as perfectly logical, then one question remains...
There must be an agenda - Who's? and to what purpose?

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