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Zeitgeist, the North American Union and the Secret Elite

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posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 04:58 AM
Perhaps the most surprising little nugget of information in Zeitgeist relates to the North American Union and the creation of a common currency for the new US/Canada/Mexico state: the Americo. Did anyone out there hear about this? I didn’t think so. The entire superstructure of Western society was fundamentally altered, and it didn’t make the evening news? Does that make you wonder what’s wrong with this picture?

Bush (and the Mexican and Canadian supremos) signed the agreement back in 2005, without involving either Congress or the “voting public” (ha ha). This hasn’t been kept secret, exactly—it was reported and even criticized by CNN at the time—and yet somehow no one is talking about it. Barring that initial, brief disclosure, the media have kept entirely mum on the subject. The day that CNN refers indignantly to a “group of elites” changing history without consulting us, don’t you think maybe it’s time we stopped talking about “conspiracy theories” and started facing the facts? The fact, for example, that hidden forces behind government are making all the decisions that count, and the news is being carefully controlled to ensure any resistance is kept to a minimum? The US government responded to charges of underhandedness at the time by saying that the union wasn’t covert: it had been reported on their website. Oh well, in that case….

What we are seeing now is an increased level of amazement and confusion on the part of people who actually belong to the institutions involved in these bizarre new policies. This includes people at (apparently) high levels of government. It is exactly as if some mysterious rogue element or “virus” were taking over the system and had little or no worries about being detected. Perhaps the reason is that it is now sufficiently advanced to know it can no longer be stopped? What seems beyond doubt is that covert forces behind visible governments are becoming increasingly active in the policies being implemented, and as a result are slowly emerging from behind the scenes. Covert control is becoming open rule. This is presumably because these parties wish to accelerate their agenda, and can no longer afford to waste time getting new bills by Congress, much less courting “public approval” (ha ha).

Judging by No End in Sight, the “secret elite”—what else you gonna call them?—knew full well that the military and other US advisors in Iraq would have been strongly opposed to dismantling Iraq’s armed forces, since by doing so the US practically guaranteed that disenfranchised soldiers would join the Iraq uprising and resist the US army, instead of joining forces with them (as they were apparently quite ready, even eager to do). But since there was no way to “explain” this questionable decision without admitting to the hidden agenda behind it—to keep Iraq destabilized and so keep the game of war going—the US advisors in Iraq found out about it by seeing it on CNN! The same applies to the North American Union: since it was known that many North American citizens would have opposed it and Congress would have questioned it, neither were consulted. Their opinion was considered worthless, since they could not possibly understand the nature of the “game.” Of course, only the elite can do that.

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