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JFK's anniversary of his death

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posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 07:00 AM
Fox news just had a bit on President Ford wrote a book which by their context wasn't gonna be published but the person they were interviewing made it sound like he got a hold of it and put it out.
Book link
I guess the book comes out with some before unknown details like cia destroyed documents and he admits to some sort of cover-up. They made it sound "explosive" but mainly a few new details it sounded.

It' funny I didn't even realize the date coming up and yesterday was having a conversation about some facts that were not known by many. Howard E Hunt (deepthroat), Oswald and Kerry Thornley all were in Japan together at the same base. Oswald and Thornley were both pretty close when they were stationed together. Thornley and Oswald were both in Louisiana together prior to shooting. Howard E. Hunt met with Thronley many times which is documented in his online memoirs. Thornley never came out and said anything and I assume for reason. I think he put on a good front if he had further involvement. However I take him as an interest to Oswald and Hunt due to his studies in things that fit the profile of such types of people. Also an odd item is how Thornley relocated to Virgina to be a "switchboard" operator after this. I forget the town but must people that have suspect involvement with any sort of operations tend to confirm it by where they locate to.

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