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FOIA: 3 USAF Reports of Unknown Aerial Phenomena in New Mexico

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posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 01:25 AM
USAF Reports of Unknown Aerial Phenomena in New Mexico
3 Different Investigations of Unknown Aerial Phenomena. 2 reports from Holloman AFB and 1 from Farmington NM.

Document date: 1950-01-26
Department: USAF
Author: Doyle Rees Lt Col USAF
Document type: Reports
pages: 11


Archivist's Notes: Document of fair quality mostly legible. 2 UFO reports from reliable witnesses near Holloman AFB. 1 report of possible deflated parachute dropping.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 04:01 PM
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--Witness: Mr. Enrique Flores

--Date of Sighting: 5 December 1949

--Time of Sighting: 10:40PM MST

--One object sighted.

--No celestial phenomenon or planets that may account for the sighting.

--Appeared to be about 8 miles away at time of sighting.

--Object only viewed for 1 second.

--Object blue with yellowish red toward the tail. Appeared to be a streak of light.

--Was travelling from East to West in a smooth arc downward.

--Object appeared to hit the ground in the northern part of Tularosa, New Mexico. Stayed bright until it appeared to hit ground.

--Page 4 of document illegible.

Second Report:

--Name: S/A Robert R. Johns

--Date of Sighting: 13 December 1949.

--Time of Sighting: Between 8:08 and 8:17PM

--One object observed.

--No observable celestial phenomenon or planets to account for sighting.

--Estimated maximum of 75 miles from observer and 5000 ft above the ground.

--Length of sighting: Approx. 9 minutes.

--Object changed color from white to amber, to red and to green; However, not in the order listed.

--During time of sighting, a flame appeared to shoot out from various positions of object.

--When object disappeared from view, it faded out to a bright green color.

--Circular in shape.

--Object did not appear to be moving during first 5 minutes of observation, then it began to slowly move downward and to the right.

--Object picked up speed in last 3/4 second in view.

--Is noted that object travelling behind mountain range, building or any other obstacle was NOT cause for it's disappearance.

--Witness had observed several "shooting stars" of a green color within the past year and at the time was acutely concious of obtaining correct information during sighting.

3rd Report:

--Name: Rev. George A. Stracke

--Date: 16 December 1949

--Time: 1:30PM

--Reference is made to previous reports concerning sightings from this district of unidentified aerial objects.

--Object was at approx. 500 feet altitude and approx. 5 miles away.

--Appeared to be a charred parachute or cargo net dropping rapidly.

--Due to shortage of personnel, large work load, distance and expense of travel involved, indicated lead will not be developed.

My notes: Based off of reports, witnesses seem to be believed reliable. First sighting could well have just been a shooting star. Second sighting, however, seems, at the least, strange.


posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 02:01 AM
I thought it was interesting that Flores and Stacke have their reports of UFOs made by Special Agents (S/A). But report #2 was of a S/A (Johns) who made a report of his own sighting.

Also funny how the military says UFOs are not a threat to national security. Yet here you have reports of UFOs going to the "commanding general" at another AFB in a completely different state. Seems like it was important enough to go fairly high up the chain.


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