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FOIA: Red Oblong Object observed by multiple witnesses, White Sands, NM

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 10:53 AM
NM_0CT 2_1951_CASE_3.pdf
Project 10073 record card: White Sands, New Mexico, 2nd October 1951
A multiple Witness record of a red, oblong, silent object. Military and civilian witnesses

Document date: 1951-10-03
Department: USAF
Author: unknown
Document type: record
pages: 19


Archivist's Notes: This is a project 10073 record card recording the details of a multiple witness sighting of a red object with a yellow-blue trail, about 3-4 feet across. It contains a lot of detail and some diagrams. Concludes that it was a meteor.
The final page is completely redacted.


posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 08:44 PM
-Date: 2 October 1951.

-Time: 9:20 PM (Local) 03/0420Z (GMT)

-Location: White Sands, New Mexico.


-Witnesses: Security Guard Jose M. Ramirez and civilian Enrique M. Cadillo.

-A civilian and a security guard briefly witness an object fly through the sky.

-The witnesses were actually trying to see the object after security officers told them to keep a look-out for it.

-The object was apparently 3 feet in diameter, oblong shaped and was red at the tip and left a green trailing section. The other witness reported the trailing end to be orange-blue.

-It had no wings or protrusions, and appeared to leave small particles behind it.

-The observers were standing up inside a hut.

-The object was only witnessed flying across the sky for roughly 2 seconds before it 'faded' away.

-Weather conditions: Windy, clear night-skies. The object appeared to be 5-6 Miles away from the observers.

-The Object made no sound or odour was flying 'faster than a jet'.

-The report concluded that the object was a meteor.

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posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 08:49 PM

-The report included diagrams of altitude and position of the object.

-The report was downgraded at 3 year intervals and declassified after 12 years.

-The report was forwarded to Fort Sam, Houston, Texas.

-Most of the pages were fairly good quality, except the 2nd page. The last page seemed to be completely blacked out.

-The report is 19 pages long.

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