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FOIA: Project Blue Book documentation index and project summary

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posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 10:07 PM
Project Blue Book documentation index and project summary
Project Bluebook, at Wright Patterson AFB from 1947 to 1969, generated 43 cubic feet of records in paper files (approx 86,000 pages) and 94 rolls of 35mm microfilm. Contains an index of film rolls and limited project background and conclusions.

Document date: 1985-01-01
Department: Public Affairs, Wright Patterson AFB
Author: unknown
Document type: report
pages: 38


Archivist's Notes: Fair quality document with some illegible pages. No handwritten marks except for alternate page numbers. Report is a collection of pages from various sources.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 03:23 AM

•In above report, the total UFO sightings are recorded between 1947 and 1965
however in the official FBI bluebook FOIA the total UFO sightings date between 1947 and 1969
There are some inconsistencies between both documents [possibly] due to the source of reference (case files vs. bluebook)

The Bluebook overview on Above Top Secret:

From 1947 until 17 December 1969, the United States Air Force actively investigated reports and sightings of unidentified flying objects - UFOs, under a program called Project Blue Book. The project which was headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB, was terminated in December of 1969 after 22 years. US Air Force Secretary Robert C. Seamans, Jr., terminated the project because the US Air Force could no longer justify the project for national security reasons or scientific study. After closing Project Blue Book the US Air Force has not publicly acknowledged any further interest in UFO sightings....

This project is very complex and needs an enormous time to study. There are points made that Project Bluebook coverd up the real UFO investigation...

Project Blue Book, it seems, was just a low level collection and disinformation program created under Project Sign (of December 1947) which evolved into Project Grudge (of December 1948) to cover up the true investigation into the alien presence on Earth.

For a more comprehensive overview of the Project Bluebook: Wikipedia

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 04:27 AM
page 1 provides information about the amount in cubic feet and storage location of the textual records and microfilms arranged chronologically, for project blue book, alongside details on how and where to apply for copies. mentions that the last two rolls of film contain filmed versions of all photographs. other sound and motion pictures are held elsewhere by NNSM & NNSP

page 2 and 3 list a bibliography of 'helpful' publications ranging from amongst others, george adamski, j allen hynek, carl g jung, carl sagan and jacques vallee.

page 4 is blank

page 5 is a copy of a fact sheet describing the reasons for termination of project blue book in 1969. 12,618 sightings were recorded in total, of which 701 remained classed as 'unidentified' *

**the fact that even 1 should remain classed as such and that all future reports are dismissed should be a cause in itself for worry or at least further investigation into why the apparent lack of concern about unknown objects in the sky seems the norm. after all, if 701 suspected terrorists remained at large and nobody did anything about them or about future reports of terrorists then that would surely cause an outcry!

page 6 goes further into the attitude of why it's not worth their time to investigate ufo sightings and where bases should refer witnesses to if they receive any future sightings. oddly, they feel the need to stress that there never was at any time either extraterrestrial visitors dead or alive nor their equipment stored at wright patterson afb

page 7 is blank

pages 8 - 16 contains the index of sightings

page 17 is blank

pages 18 to 21 detail the aims of project blue book and how to carry out the classification of sightings. what to report and what not to report.

page 22 contains the conclusion that nothing they investigated was a threat to national security (and apparently never will be). interestingly, they contradict themselves on this page by stating that the air force will continue to investigate all unusual aerial phenomena reports when they stated several pages back that they would refer all future sightings to private ufo investigators.

page 23 refers to to listed internal use only sections and states that the air force has no evidence that earth has ever been visited by anyone. it details the price per page of projects grudge, sign and blue book special report should copies be requested.

page 24 lists more 'useful' non-military books to read

page 25 breaks down the amount of sightings per year that pbb dealt with

pages 26 & 27 list statistical data for the years 53-65 like astronomical, aircraft, balloon, satellite, other etc

page 28 instructs what information should be taken in the event of a fireball being observed and who to forward the information onto

pages 29 & 30 considers the feasibility of visitors form mars or venus, and how and when they would have to leave their planetary location to arrive at earth. it assumes they would have to leave during certain times and travel at x speed to reach earth and then compares this information to the reports during the pbb years. (this assumes of course that any alien would use earth type technology and reasoning to travel from a-b)

page 31 is an extract from the book 'first men to the moon' by wernher von braun, asking the question "what is your opinion of ufo's".

page 32 refers to nighttime sky surveys and ufo sightings and is written by carl sagan.

pages 33 to 36 are also by carl sagan and go into more detail on his views of ufo's.

pages 37 & 38 are poorly legible copies of what seems to be (revised) information about the search for mj-12 documentation. the last page mentions mary ronan's search through the records for mj12 & majestic information and concludes none was to be found

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 12:18 AM
I couldn't help noticing the large gap of missing film between the actual document pages listed 11 and 12. It appears there are over 4,105 images
unaccounted for during the dates of 5/24/1954 - 11/23/1960
Wonder what happened to em?

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 11:18 PM

what's the american revolution bicentennial logo? (2nd page)

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