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Given up...

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posted on Feb, 1 2004 @ 09:18 AM
The world is too full of hate, the anger fills one with such a destructive energy that sence of self fails. Borderline emotions erupt and, nothing if anything at all triggers the unknown. It's a moment when noone or anything is important, not life, nor safety, not even sanity.

When nothing, is the only thing to look forward to, anything is game. It is not difficult to forget and even ignore those few details taken for granted, even when normal times they are not. Never has there been a more, difficult time to not just quit, give up. In a moment of tranquility a decison has been made that cannot be forgotten, because it isn't forgiven. Before I go further, let me please ask those of you who I know, will say something about forgiveing self. I cannot.

I have been lucky, for in the exact moment I have described, I have not lost hope. God only knows how often I could have. As hard as it is to resist, we have to.
Everyone needs someone else, be it family, friends, work partners, and even social events. We cannot go further in life without each other, that is evident through science and well, reproduction.

Still we, all people, who very much need each other now than by far any time in our histories. Cannot stop, as if any chance of peace doesn't exist, as if we have given up. War is a last choice option, war is for those who have given up and see no peaceful resolution. There should always be a peaceful means that can solve anything. The truth is there isn't.

What is there to do, no one want's to talk to thier neighbor these days let alone get involved with the community. It's no wonder the world is going to #!
And then there is those who complain about something bad that happens, but won't do anything to prevent it.
Has everyone just GIVEN UP?! The fact I even have to ask, should be scary enough. Those of us of ATS, even the guests have no excuse, for not spreading the word of "DENY IGNORANCE", be open minded, at least open your eyes enough to tell the difference in what's important. There are still many who have given up, they are those who need someone now. To give up is a shame, it should be a sin to not help those who have.

posted on Feb, 4 2004 @ 05:00 PM
....even, at some point, be it nothing more than the fight itself. For no other reason did we evolve as a species; an indomitable spirit has a great memory.

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