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Scriptz Theory

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 12:02 PM
Maybe the subject is too plain but I opened up this post to talk about my personal views on UFO's, I have posted on a few threads and this is my 1st thread so please bare with me.

My theory, my thoughts are:

Yes, there are UFO's , there are aliens

My proof: none

The only info I can give you guys:

My mom/dad/brothers/sisters saw an UFO about 6 months ago..every single member of my household saw an object hovering , this is around the same time of the chicago O'Hare sightings...

So.. with no proof whatsoever, I know my parents wouldnt' lie to their young kids ( my brothers) about seeing strange phenomena...
So im taking my family's words for it. Plus I always thought we can't be the only race in the universe

P.S don't feel pity for me but I use glasses, this particular night I decided to run get my glasses before I came outside ( i have real bad eyesight) and missed the whole show

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