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The Voice of the White House for November 16th 2007 -- Assassination Plots??

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 01:04 PM

Bush, who is scheduled to return to the White House on Monday, was in Texas for the holiday, following his two-day meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at his ranch in Crawford.

He went to American Legion Post 121, which was honoring four Texas men who were among the more than 3,860 members of the U.S. military who have died in Iraq since 2003. They were Army Spc. Javier Antonio Villanueva of Bellmead, Army Spc. Jeffrey Paul Shaffer of Waco, Marine Lance Cpl. Johnny Ray Strong of Waco and Marine Gunnery Sgt. John David Fry of Lorena.

Bush has spent four of the past six Veterans Days at Arlington National Cemetery. This year, Vice President Dick Cheney went to Arlington to pay tribute to Iraq veterans.

So where was Bush on other time he skipped?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 01:37 PM
If this story is true, and they felt there was a legitimate threat of an assassination attempt at Arlington, then why the heck would they send the Vice President?? Was that their way of saying "Don't kill Bush, but you can kill Cheney- he's expendable!"???

Granted, I know the President is far more important than the VP. But it seems odd to me that if there was a serious threat that they would send either of them.

I remember being told that wherever the President of the United States is, that is the safest place in the world to be at that given time. The security is incredible and beyond what we can imagine. The Secret Service scouts these places far in advance of the President's arrival, and have teams on the ground at at the location days before the President even arrives. Despite the layout of Arlington, the fact that citizens can come and go throughout the cemetary, and the wooded areas surround it, I think that with our technology and manpower we could have easily secured the area. Simply flying overhead with IR cameras and whatnot could help locate any lone sniper hiding out in the woods, correct?

That being said, if the right people wanted Bush dead, then they could do it. But I think that those people are on Bush's side! After all, his father was head of the CIA and has plenty of connections.

I did used to have a theory that Cheney would either be assassinated or step down prior to his term ending, and that whoever took his place would have the momentum and popularity of being VP and use that to run for President in '08. But I think that opportunity for that to happen has passed. And I think that if it did still happen, none of the Republican Presidental candidates would accept the job of VP because of the work they need to do to get elected as it is. If Cheney did leave for one reason or another, it would probably be Condi Rice that would replace him. But, who knows?

I watched the ceremony at Arlington on Veterans Day, and I did think in my mind that it was odd that Bush wasn't there to lay the wreath. I know that the author of the story about an assassination attempt on Bush said there was a media blackout regarding plot in the US, but I'm still going to need a more known and/or reliable source before I can believe this story. That will likely never happen, if not for many, many years after the fact.

I still get a chuckle out of them sending Cheney as a sort of guinea pig, if this story is truly credible. And on that note... if a sniper was there to take a shot at Bush, do you think he would pass up on taking a shot at Cheney? Or do you think the fact that it was clear Bush was still in Texas and that Cheney would be there and the plot was uncovered, kept the sniper from even showing up?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 05:49 PM

We need him alive so that he can be arrested and brought to trial.

If violence is taken out on any public figures it will only be used against the citizens of the US for the institution of a police state, and a further erosion of our rights.

If we don't follow the laws of our country then we are hypocrites, and though an act of the above sort might seem to be in the greater good, these things always work in bad ways in the long run.

If he is guilty of crimes, then that guilt will be determined honestly in a court of law.

The point is that he hasn't been arrested and charged with anything yet. This is what scares me... that the people in this country whose duty it is to uphold the constitution are not acting on that duty. If you ask a hundred people, 80 of them would say they are convinced that Bush & Co. are guilty of treason and war crimes.

Yet he is still our "leader"?!

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 04:42 PM
Well, I'd suggest they have their guns set on the wrong man. Perhaps they should be looking at the guy who took his place at the wreath ceremony. No? Yeah, I think so.

[edit on 20-11-2007 by SpeakerofTruth]

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by Agit8dChop
I fear what would happen if Bush were to be assasinated.

Civil war would ensue. That you can almost rest assured of.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 07:28 PM
ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh... "they" may be watching... *looking around*

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 03:15 AM
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posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 03:26 AM
How many vacations does this guy take!?

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