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OK so lets say.....

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posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 12:54 PM
Lets say that all these claims of UFO's are true. We look at the sightings that have occurred and most did at the time that we (earth) began real flight into higher altitudes and with more powerful flying machines that were capable of reaching the atmosphere and beyond.

There were numerous sightings in the 60's and 70's when we were in the beginnings of outeratmosphere and space travel. There would be cause to worry from "alien entities" because this would mean we were invaiding their space. Once it was realized that the means of travel we had could only reach so far they backed off and really did not give earth a second thought. They continued to "survey" our space travel and did not impede us in any way other than to let us know they are there.

Fast forward to the 21st century. They now see us as a threat to ourselves and realize that this is a predicament that they themselves faced in the early days of space travel and "arms races". It is quite possible that their planet(s) were wiped out because of the same "quest" for world domination engulfed their leaders. They may be trying to warn us or to lead us in a better direction than they followed.

Think of how our minds work. You try something new, it fails and you learn from it. You touch a hot stove and it don't touch it again. Maybe "they" are trying to teach us and allow us to learn through their mistakes. If there truly is "extraterrestrial life" then why would they want us to fail at our mission of survival? I simply do not believe that they are out to take our planet. If they are that much farther advanced than us then they would simply come here and take it with no questions asked. There is no reason to sit back and watch us self-destruct.

Take any example out of your own life where you have wanted to help someone and let them help themselves of their own free will. You want them to accomplish this on their own and not be intrusive so as to give them the best sense of accomplishment possible. Why would "aliens" want anything else? Maybe they just want us to realize that they went through the same "trial and tribulations" millions of years ago and to learn from their mistakes.

Just a thought, but had to post it.


posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by Vasa Croe
If there truly is "extraterrestrial life" then why would they want us to fail at our mission of survival?

I think trying to attribute human emotions to any hypothetical aliens generally leads to way too much projection. It's hard for us to imagine what an alien might think, because we're not aliens. We have a tough enough time trying to understand what people from other Earth cultures think.

Potential answers to your question range anywhere from the aliens thinking we might be competition to them someday, to possibly seeing life as only a transitional stage in individual evolution and death is a true liberation, the sooner the better, to maybe they don't even consider us to be "alive" in any way they deem important. Who knows?

Oh, I forget. The people who claim to chat with aliens like neighbors over a back fence say they know. Galactic Federation, and all that. If you buy any of that malarky.

posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by Vasa Croe

Vasa, I hate to sound offensive but I don't mean this
in a bad way. But your theories sound a lil like Billy Meier ??

posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 02:09 PM
To Nohup: I would have to disagree being that we are at such a "primal stage" of space exploration that we could NEVER reach the accomplishments of the aforementioned "aliens". If they are that much farther along in space exploration than we humans how can we ever expect to actually surpass them?

To Zeta115: No offense taken as I really don't know anything about this subject and have no idea who Billy Meier is. I will definitely research him and try to reply intelligently. I can say that these summations are of my own reasoning and seem to me to make sense. If, and I emphasize if (though I do believe there are aliens) aliens are in contact with earth we can ONLY benefit from this contact as they are obviously a MUCH more advanced civilization. If it were in fact the other way around then it would be us invading their planet and researching them. As it stands it is quite the opposite as we are a small minded civilization that thinks we are at the center of the universe.

Think of it this way.....if you were a scientist and wanted to research other planets, what better way to do this than to travel to them. What are the chances that these "visitations" are more than research? If you look at civilization as a whole there are many complex building blocks that make it up and research is a primary function in order for a civilization to thrive. You must have research to build. If these "aliens" are a civilization then they must have similar tasks to accomplish. Granted their goals may be different but every being has reproduction and prosperity at their core. If they did not then you would see MASS extinction of races and species.

You have to apply the natural state of living organisms to "alien" life as most species on earth do not have the same type of cognitive thinking as humans. They do however have the same reproductive drive and survival instinct as humans. We, however, just add "emotions" into the mix. And take emotions for what you will, but my belief is that they are all learned or taught. I believe that humans are just as much animal as a bear, lion, or any other animal you can name. We have the same protective instinct and the same survival instinct, except that we are taught to have a conscience and therefore can't act upon our natural instinct to react to certain situations. This could quite possibly be the same for our "alien" counterparts as they have emotions that were learned and can't interfere directly with our civilization though some do as evidenced by "human/alien" contact. These contacts may simply be the "ones" that let instinct override teaching and civilization which tells them not to interfere.

Again.....just my .02.


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