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Playing Devil's Advocate on Creation

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posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 05:35 AM
Alright so most of you know where I stand on creation and evolution, that they are co-existent, dual forces though different in nature, one begins and one ends, one plans and one enacts. they are much like the yin and the yang, or two sides to the coin. There's always both because without one neither make complete sense, to most people anyways. So to keep it brief, my opinion is that Evolution is real, but that it was a created process, with a designed set of parameters and rules, by a higher intelligence. This also means the entire evolutionary path of all creatures to their highest evolved level is always predetermined and has been since Evolution was created by the higher intelligence. But im not here to argue about Creation and Evolution, no, not at all. Just giving some background.

I'm writing this to play Devil's Advocate with the Ancient Astronaut Believers, as well as the Atheists and Agnostics. Let us assume for sake of discussion that the Ancient Astronaut theory is true; that we were created by Aliens for a purpose through DNA manipulation, and that religion and the stories thereof are a product of this.

If this were the case, God is still very real, just not in the literal sense, an afterlife is still very real, and there is still much to hope for, and many reasons to live a good life. If the Aliens were capable of coming here, creating us, then leaving, it's safe to assume that they werent just lying about all the stuff they told the Old Testament Prophets regarding the Resurrection.. Judgment, the "New Earth and New Jerusalem", "the end times", and the afterlife. Perhaps they have the technology to recreate us, complete with our consciousness or what I call a soul or spirit, so that we are literally resurrected into life again? (I cite Genesis, when YHWH spoke to Cain, condemning him, saying he could hear Abel's blood crying out to him from the Earth to which it was spilled..) And if those of us who lived good lives were judged worthy of continuing to live, don't you think the stories they made about paradise would be at least somewhat accurate? As in .. a place where you don't age, or a method of stopping you from aging. You see, everything religious or miracle in nature can theoretically by replaced by "psuedo-science superpowers" that these uber-Aliens theoretically possess.

And if this is true, and there were no God nor no true Heaven or Hell as we think of it, wouldn't there still be a reason to live a moral, good life, with good karma? Wouldn't there still be something to look forward to after death, a resurrection into life again, complete with a meeting with the makers, and a possible infinity of non-aging, non-painful life in some paradise?

Of course the Aliens would have to arrive on Earth again, then use their uber-psuedo-science powers to conjure up every speck of DNA on the Planet from people, using techniques way beyond ours, so that they could even resurrect the ancient man. Recreate with the consciousness intact is the idea.

I'm interested to hear from the proponents of the Ancient Astronaut theory on this, to see if they find this plausable. Also, from the Atheists and Agnostics, do they find this plausable, or more plausable than the Biblical narrative. If they do find it more plausable, is it plausable enough to live a good, morale life over, just incase it ends up being true? Would you live your life a certain way just incase this happened after you die?

Very interested in hearing from you all.

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posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 06:15 AM
The supreme god AN of sumerian pantheon can be seen as God according to biblical traditions.

The AA theory does not dismiss jew-christian (an muslim) intelligence of God's purpose. If Annunaki or so came down on Earth, the question of Who created'em is still to be answered.

One great interest of the monotheistic revelation is in establishing a direct link between God and its -human- creatures : such a paradigma can be taken as the definite protection against what Paul strangely calls in french translation les "Principaut├ęs d'En-Haut", or the "Hignesses ['Principalties'?]from above".

I personally believes that Mars was the Annunaki's planet (and not any long-range Nibiru), and that Annunaki came after Venus struck their land after beein expelled from Jupiter by extra-sollar Mercury - in a Velickovskian way.

Aryans invading ancient India as well as sumerians founders were perhaps the modern human being creators or his genetic engineers, but the question of earth evolution is not adressable as it anyway covers a billions of years story.

That Bible might be sent by any extra-terrestrial intelligence to prophets and writers through some telepathic (at least) modalities cannot be dismissed entirely, as some cardinal texts from A. and N.T clearly points to some supra-human being if not an entire population of "creatures" that rightly interact with human destiny.

Abraham litteraly hearing God's order, Moses as well and being leaded by supernatural events like light and smoke pillars opening the way during exode, Ezekiel's visions of the Merkavah and of the last Temple, Daniel's revelation, some Christ's predicition and finally the Apocalypse, even if taken as one exemple from a numerous stream of apocalyptics works florishing at the end of the last millenium BC - all this litterature provides many possibilities of some inter-species contract more or less tacitely subscribed from both parts.

One of the most compelling detail probably well known by some atsy bible student is the fact that the Celestial Jerusalem's very dimensions as given by John in its Apocalypse directly match those of the physical Moon . Put in it the entire cube of C-J, it will be perfectly contained by the entire lunar sphere, with its angles as tangeant.

This btw should desserve an ATS thread if none were ever posted on the subject.

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