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Power to the LOVING People

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 06:18 AM
Here's what seems to be an easy prediction: Humankind will live, on Earth and/or another/other biodiverse planet(s), in anarchic (or something much, much closer to it) harmony at some point. (For the totally brainwashed, if applicable, the real meaning of anarchy has nothing to do with chaos). It's just a question of how many of we or our progeny or descendents will be able to enjoy it. All the furor over global warming, while a legitimate and serious concern, is, intentionally or not, an obfuscation from the primary ecological issue: human population explosion in tandem with industry as we know it.

There's too much toxicity and depletion NOW, for f*@$'s sake!! It's the epitome of delusion to believe we can go on like this ad infinitum; or even for a lot longer.

I say more power to the Highest Power on Earth, if not Earth itself, in giving us the best warning signals It (or They) can or will. Anyone with half an eye for science will notice a clear and present Quickening happening. Things can only change BIG time at least relatively soon.

Anyway, my main point is that, after whatever catharsis humanity undergoes has transpired, new knowledge (of the currently unexplained) and evolution of consciousness will rule the day. We or they will put to death the primitively cynical adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We or they can and will have a truly effective system of checks and balances where only good, humble and honest (enough) souls will have positions of (at least primary) authority. And that's to the extent such a concept as government will be necessary.

Everything is science; including the political kind. Better science equals better living.

Count me as one truly committed to REAL change. My blog explains it. I recommend reading it from the beginning. The third entry outlines the political party I'm forming... or trying to form. My given name is Colin David Burt and my e-mail is batunu@yahoo or Hotmail. Blog name is Planet Lightworth.

Well f to all hairy Hell! My crucial first 2 entries have been bumped (or erased?) there. Luckily I have a MySpace blog (view all):

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