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Only TaxPayers Should be Able to Vote?

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posted on Oct, 17 2007 @ 04:39 PM
Should only tax payers be allowed to vote?

Sounds pretty simple but this requires much more thought before you immediately dismiss this. It is possible in our country for the tax recipients to basically vote themselves a raise. If all the people who receive money back from the government, tax recipients, voted as a block, then you could have a real problem.

Why for instance couldn’t the tax recipients vote themselves a massive raise? Currently, government payments for welfare are not keeping up with inflation, so why shouldn't welfare recipients vote themselves say a living allowance of say $6,000 per month. This would incourage others to join the tax recipients and expand their power as a voting block.

If the only people who are allowed to vote are those who have to actually pay taxes, would we as a country be more fiscally sound?

I’m curious on your thoughts.


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