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ENTERTAINMENT: ROTK Wins Best Picture Golden Globe!

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posted on Jan, 25 2004 @ 09:53 PM
The Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, wins the Golden Globe Award for best Motion Picture Drama. In addition total of four awards were won in this evening's award ceremony, including Best Director for Peter Jackson.
Howard Shore has won for Best Original Score!. Fran Walsh and Howard Shore both accepted Best Original Song! Pete Jackson won Best Director! He stood up and gave Fran Walsh a loving kiss on the lips, hug Producer Bob Shaye, he also thanked the Hollywood Forein Press, he thanked Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, as well as Mark Ordesky. He said he felt supported all the way by New Line. He also thanked all the cast and crew, and he said he loved every single day he worked on the set. more to come [Edited on 25-1-2004 by SkepticOverlord]

posted on Jan, 25 2004 @ 10:33 PM
link Next up... Oscar.

posted on Jan, 25 2004 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord

Next up... Oscar.

Now that's what I'm talking about! I'm glad they didn't listen to so many of the critics who had obviously never read Lord of the Rings.

posted on Jan, 28 2004 @ 06:03 PM
I think Angels In America was the big golden globe winner. If I see it on HBO one day I will watch it.

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