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if someone can't admit it's possible, than don't try to convince them w/ "facts!"

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:19 AM
i think many people that try to argue their idea over 9/11 and there are multiple idea's

such as it was terrorists as the official report states

it was the "gov't" rather general statement

it was the supra national gov't with their puppet help

it was led by isreali decision makers along w/ neo cons etc.

it was terrorists and the neocons allowed it or whatever else

Does anyone when arguing take into account human psychology?

If someone is not willing to admit their is a possibility that this was at least partially staged, then that should be a *BIG CLUE* that the current belief systems they have are not flexible enough to let them examine all posibilities about something that is uncertain.

And instead of pushing more "facts" in their face, you should try a different angle to "open their minds". I mean if people think they have the "truth" and are trying to "wake other's up" shouldn't you save yourself from banging your head against the protective wall of someone else's beleif systems. kind of like arguing about god. first you should understand that any one who chooses to beleive in "a god" gains a lot of strength and safety from this beleif in their own perception of reality and as "they move thru the world". they KNOW if they dis-allow this belief they would be weaker and that as long as they have faith they can be stronger. In this world if we beleive something to be true it can be to us, because reality is what we perceive it to be.

with that being said, some people aren't sure how to feel safe in this world, knowing that decision makers are willing to sacrifice a few lives every now and again to promote agenda's which may give more life to a country's dominance (and the standard of living for her citizens) or maybe more selfishly lots of money and power to a small connected group, while playing part of a bigger agenda or game (uncertain about this).

the minds survival mechanism is very strong and *UNTIL you give someone another option (belief) which will maintain the safety and strength needed to function as a succesful indiviual (just like their old beleif system) you can bash facts against their heads all day, and this will only piss them off. Social conditioning and popular opinion may also play a role in what they are willing to beleive vs. the pain of feeling their friends displeasure with their opinions.

I don't say an INSIDE 9/11 job was a fact. BUT if you can't look at it as being a possibility you are not even giving it a fair chance, and if you don't care ( i think nothing less of you) , but if you do care for the truth, you owe it to yourself to find a way in which you can maintain the safety and strength of your current beleif system while also willing to "see different possibilites of what may be the truth". tell yourself you are intrested in the truth and willing to give your beleif's some "flexibility" to ensure the strength and safety they provide as well as (just enough social support) if that is important to you, but also willing to just take a look from other perspectives. once you give yourself a way to be *safe* and see the truth and decide you WANT to with your will, then BINGO

i think before people (if they still are trying) try to understand 9/11 they should see if they can be willing to beleive it was for alterior motives (even if in fact the offical story is sorta true) other wise you can never give other option's a chance in the first place. that is if the TRUTH is of more importance , than the comfort of your own reality now or better put if the possible truth is even able to co-exist within the flexibilities of your beleif system and if not how you can give more flexibilities to your belief sytems to keep you in a position of strength and at the same time look at these options in a skeptic, yet OPEN way ( and then apply that same skeptism to the official report)

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:48 AM
Its my belief that people were brainwashed, many of these people watch tv and listen to radio, it is just possible subliminal signals have been layered in over the last 20 years, the possibility is backed by and the discussion that many cartoons, and movies or sitcoms, have overlaying themes relating to 9-11, stargates, and time travel. Why wouldnt a man or men desperate for power, use a massive illusion, including mass braiwashing?

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