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The Real Shapeshifters?

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 08:27 AM
Doing some research I stumbled upon this article in
The Christian Science Monitor, titled

God's Army marches on campus.

Her subject is Patrick Henry College, a small Christian college outside Washington, D.C. Founded in 2000, by 2002 it had already become a major pipeline supplying youthful interns to the White House.

In fact, such activity is the college's raison d'être. "You are the tip of the spear," the college's founder, homeschooling activist Michael Farris, likes to tell his students. These kids – many of whom were homeschooled – are the academic elite of the evangelical world. Farris aims to mold them into "shape-shifters" – bright kids who, combining Ivy-caliber educations with conservative Christian values, will "move between two worlds with their essential natures intact."

(link added)

Kind of reminds me of a discussion about Emerald Tablets

Interesting note. Henry Paulson was once the President of the Christian Science Organization, who published the article above.

Then on wiki it says this,

Paulson's three immediate predecessors as CEO of Goldman Sachs — Jon Corzine, Stephen Friedman, and Robert Rubin — each left the company to serve in government


As the Secretary of Treasury, he has amazing power.
Executive Order 10289

This executive order was the same order that JFK added an ammendment to called Executive Order 11110

Ok, so let's see.

Paulson was President of Goldman Sachs, whom was represented by Taylor Martin in the 2006 Bilderberg Conference, and Paulson was also President of Christian Science Org, and Paulson was appointed by a lame duck President.


I smell NWO.

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 08:41 AM

By Patrick Rucker Thu Sep 20, 12:33 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told Congress on Thursday they are open to letting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy more troubled home loans if the companies control risk and agree to tougher oversight.

link to article

Federal Reserve not owned by US?

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 09:49 AM
So, the Patrick Henry College.
Here is an eye opening video about
the curriculum.

One of the student group tasks is to lobby congress for Freedom Works against compensation fund for asbestos victims.

Video about Patrick Henry College

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