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Best Special forces- specific tactics.

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 08:13 PM
This question has been asked before (I just got done reading it), and I didn't get the answer I hoped for, so I joined and wish to ask. I don't wish to ask "who is the best", but rather, who is the best at what. So, my question is:
1. Who is the best at CQB- gun, knife, hand-to-hand, etc.?
2. Who is the best at Survival and Evasion?
3. Who is the best at crazy skills- parkour stuff, assassination with sewing needles, etc. (e.g., scrambling up walls but NOT with conventional climbing equipment).
4. Best Macgyver solutions- improvised weapons, improvised mechanics, or whatever crazy, non-standard solutions you can think of.
5. Best disguise, blend in/escape surveillance in an urban setting?
6. Best training/capabilities of single agents/operatives?
I just wanted to clarify who does each of these things the best, if we don't really know who would, etc. For instance, Macgyver was "ex-special forces". So if he could come from any division, in any country, where would he most likely be from? This isn't just about Macgyver though, but rather which units specialize/are the tops in these categories, and other "Hollywood" special forces characterizations. Thanks, and if you feel the need to flame, remember, I'm new here.

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