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Which player gives the MOST clear hq music?

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posted on Sep, 28 2007 @ 03:29 AM
this problem was bugging me for so much time now,and im not that professional when it comes to plugins and stuff.
- i have a c-media 8738 soundcard,i use it with 6 channel xear-3d and enabled 5.1 virtual speakers and reverbration.
- i have old speakers since i got the computer(still does the job),and i got a big cool headphoness which i use to really feel the bass

- i have all my favourity songs like 320kbps mp3's,flac's,mwa with 11h(1200kbps) quality

now on to the important part
which player i should use with what plug ins to get the most clear high quality sound and bass?
winamp....was good but then,in the options i can get 24bit music
jetaudio produced much clearer sound,i sticked with him,even tried the version of jetaudio that i can use 32bit music
then i found this foobar2000 that i heard is the most clear
instaled noise sharpening plug in on 30%,used some type of kernel plug in to bypass kmixer.sys so the sound can be clearer,and putet some asio plug in for i dont know what.
now there is some difference not just placebo affect(my eyers are trained to detect quality^^) but i dont know to good or worse.
i guess the music is much clearer now but i dont know maybe there is something worse

can some really professional come here and say which program to use with which plug ins to enjoy the hgihtest quality of playback?

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