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The Moon (My Final Recap)

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 06:25 AM
hello everyone,

I have seen alot of threads based on the moon and i have done alot of research on it; hence the reason why im making this post.

here is the conlcusions:

1.0 There is a base on the moon. if it is man made or alien i can not say. but what i can say is that aliens have a sleek design in ufos and mother ships. The moon base seems a little too much like earth sculptures.

2.0 A. Armstrong could have landed on the moon and been scared out of his wits. Hence the reason why we haven't gone back. This is one of the reasons why i lean towards the alien moon base vs the human one. please see this article Transcripts of the moon mission

2.5 The moon base. If the moon was a base for aliens. It is a perfect way to observe our kind. for ex: they must have telescopes as we do. Sometimes the moon is out during the day (giving them a day view of earth.) The moon is out at night. (giving them a night view and sending sips for the collection of specimen)

3.0 The US and the moon. I can not come to any conclusion about the us and its involvement with aliens and the moon. however, what i can say is that whatever happened in the original landing prompt them never to go again.

4.0 Google moon project. Well i work for a major corporation who is involved with Google. Government officials were claimed to have visited the chief legal officer and owner in regards to this new offer. no word if the contest was canceled.

5.0 The moons behavior, I'm not sure if it is due to light or just my imagination but i have noticed strange movement with the moon itself.
1. different shades of coloring during sun down which i have not seen before. for ex: pink, dark orange and partial eclipse for a half hour or so.

2. The position in which it stands/floats in seems closer during sun down and then leans back.
for ex: one minute the moon can be 2 inches big is im looking at from where im standing. ill go back outside in an hour and its 1 inch. ( very interesting events.

6.0 The artificial moon. Well some think that the moon is actually a space ship with millions of aliens under it observing us.
Others think it was created for us because of its perfect circular mass.
Personally i would go with both.

7.0 Foreign countries and the moon. It has been said that a our president at the time advised the foreign leaders NOT to visit the moon for a certain period of time. no word on the time frame or the reason.
Hence the reason why some are violating the verbal agreement and trying to land up there anyway.

8.0 Can we profit from the moon? yes there are certain minerals on the moon (Helium) that can generate fuel for man kind but it would cost too much to travel back and forth to fill up the tank with helium.
Hence the reason why some scientist are trying to make star ships to travel back and forth without it being so costly.

9.0 CA and the moon. Well CA has no desire to go to the moon. All of there evidence on UFO is on earth. They have no gain to going to the moon. but to note. they heed the word of the US for now. but we are slowly viewing the separation of CA and the US.

10. Conclusion: we wont know whats out there (possibly until 2011). nor will we be able to just go to the moon an see for ourselves.

as time has proved we are but mere puppets to the US government and have no control over this country or its heading.

What i can say is that sooner or later they would want to deal with the population and not the 1 man that runs us. When this day comes. i expect war with th alien beings so that the super powers can keep control of civilization.

Are we going back to the moon? yes in about 20 years.

Do you have proof? yes all of these articles can be found on google.

ATSers please reply with your thoughts. i am aware that i dont know everything and appreciate your feed back on this topic.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 07:19 AM
I honestly have not read much on a moon base. Though I have read a few things. I don't know what to believe. I find it hard to believe that we have a base on the moon, given how technologically challenging its been to even put robots on mars. As for an Alien base, I find it highly plausible. As you have stated, it would make it very easy for them to observe us and travel to earth to collect "Specimens" as you so lightly put it.

I do agree with you that we will know for certain very soon. In the next few years. Many doomsayers have foretold the end of the world for centuries but this time it is different. Back then we didn't have the power to blow up the whole earth in less than a day.

my thoughts

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 07:28 AM
Well, considering that the nazis had flying prototypes of UFO's during the second world war, and that this technology was brought to America when the war was over, I have no doubt that the US government has their own UFO's flying around, and then of course also into space.

They are probably many years ahead of public technology, and as can be seen on photos on the moon, there are many structures and what some consider to be a fusion reactor as well. Just watch any infrared picture of the moon.

If its made by humans or aliens, I cant say, but I think alien origin is far more likely. Also remember that nobody has explored the dark side of the moon. Anything could be there, always invisible to us since the same side of the moon always faces us.

The fact that the aliens dont want us on the moon is probably because we would want to build weapons there, capable of hitting earth. What would be more effective than having a weapon on the moon which the enemy is unable to hit?

Our leaders think in terms of war and money, thats why we are seen as a hostile race. Anyone looking at earth cannot possibly come to another conclusion than the fact that we are led by people filled by fear and hate.

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