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What would you do if the USA suddenly Collapsed?

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posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 09:47 PM
The 'Reasons' seem manifold to me. Any loss of electricity is kryptonite to America, be it emp to hack warfare. The energy war moving to the next level where proxy wars end and the real adversaries face one another with WMD. Fail to prepare for all possibilities at your own risk!

ps Analogies between the Great Depression and today seem to ignore the differences between a generation that grew up close to ground and Gen x,y,z that think food comes from the grocery store. Maybe they'll use their Halo 3 skills to get by?

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 02:23 AM
This is a serious response.

I'm joining the army soon, I would have to get back home in this event.

I have a wealth of supplies/gear. I have gen1 night vision (ATN night cougar) and gen 2+ ATN nvg7 both are stored in EMP proof (faraday) cages, and lots of batteries to last till 2012. I also have solar recharger I made, confirmed working with these batts. I can start fires from tools/wood and know woodland/ice/forest survival techniques. I have radioactive suit, old school russian gas mask. I am an able person for escape, evade, stealth combat, etc. My father is a doc, he has ether bottle in an old ww2 medic kit, he would give it to me if we were in catastrophe, so I could take out people with stealth element remaining intact. I own no firearms but am just as deadly with shurken/throwing knife. In stealth situation invisibility=invincibility, you have opportunity for first strike, so if you facing mob or chaos even with guns I feel like I would have the advantage. I feel like I could protect my family and fend/hunt for them.

I have practiced stealth for about 2 years now. It was my dream to become ninja, but in these days, being a modern ninja is in contrary to ninja belief. I do not want to be "classified" or "labeled" ninja in any way in order to truly "hide myself" completely, physically and phsycologicaly. This obtains/performs true stealth. The last 2 years have been dry runs really, for what could happen, but I hope not to happen. My whole life I have been sneaking everywhere, around the house, in museums, etc. I naturally developed ways for my foot to hit the ground, took on teaching of native american sneaking and hunting skills (fox-walk, bow arrow hunting), my foot now has physically "grown/changed" to be comfortable in fox trout, funny, evolution on small scale!

Since I am off to the army in a few weeks, I guess I would find a way home, and do exactly this. If they are even alive, but if mortality unconfirmed I would still try to get home.

This is a sad topic to think about, although I'm sure this will happen one day soon. I hope not! but if there are indeed sleeper cells in US with nuke in NYC, as revelations says, this is how it will happen. Whether this is false prophecy is highly unlikely. It will take a stealth, economy crippling attack, by many nations inside our own, to do this. I believe it is in the works.

Originally posted by HimWhoHathAnEar
Maybe they'll use their Halo 3 skills to get by?

Oh my god.... I am really not making fun of you at all, but If I hear halo 3, or anything about it, 1 more time, I'll just.... explode or something. Crap. Get off the games and into real life. Benefit humanity please. One can only hope thats the crowd Armageddon wipes out first. I have wasted many hours upon literal years of my life on games, and they have done me nothing. I ask forgiveness for being distracted by such non-sense, as well as the useless technology itself.

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posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 03:15 AM
Here in Canada I would pray right heartily, check my slingshots, bows and arrows, double check my supplies I have already put up, and check in with my neighbours.

But to be honest I would be worried sick about a child of mine and his family who live in Virginia near D.C. They are soon to move to North Carolina and I feel better about that. I don't worry too much about my son and his family in Texas because I don't expect Texans to miss a beat in declaring the Republic of Texas; further I would not be surprised if Texas served as an anchor for a larger republic including New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana ... and depending on the situation in Mexico that regional republic might include 2 Mexican states on the other side of the Texan border. Honestly, I expect total chaos to ensue in Mexico if the USA suddenly went down.

I wouldn't worry overmuch about my daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Hawai'i because Hawai'i could easily become a Kingdom again. The man who is King or would be King (depending on one's loyalties) is a very able and exceptional man, and the current Gov. of Hawai'i is the best since statehood in my opinion. She has been quietly working with some people on an alternative Hawaiian currency (Hawaiian Dalas), and given the shape of the USDollar that seems a very far sighted idea.

I was born in Hawai'i (I'm half Hawaiian and half Canadian.) This was long before statehood! And my baptismal certificate has printed on it Kingdom of Hawai'i. Yes, I'm older than dirt and very blest to have both my Hawaiian and Canadian heritage.

Back to contemplation of the collapse of the USA: I expect great, large cities in the USA would be the most vulnerable to violence, but I have great faith in the character of most US Americans to pull it together and make work whatever can work. If a city must act like a city-state for a while to maintain order, then I think it would. I think some states have such a sense of selfhood they would function well in the absence of a federal government -- states like Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, not to mention Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Perhaps a temporary Canadian sphere of influence would take in some of the states across the border to provide temporary stability, but that's more of a wish on my part than anything because if the USA goes down, Mexico goes down, and Canada wouldn't be far behind. Yes, Quebec would try to go on its own. And Alberta would declare their own Republic and no doubt be very successful.

I realise I have written a great deal and most of it arising from extremely nervous energy about this topic. I hate thinking about such things. I pray fervently they never happen. But these are also the sort of thoughts that caused me to move into the countryside and be prepared for a three-year winter as I called it at the time. It is also thoughts like this that caused me to start a network with surrounding neighbours to keep in touch with each other and to meet together socially as well as to engage in disaster preparedness.

Perhaps that is really the best thing I can offer to the discussion. If one is to remain in place in the city or the country, be careful of trying to go it alone. Better to build a "base community" that could in some sense function as a political/economic/security community. As much as I like to think that I and my slingshot and my dogs will do just fine on my own, we really do have need of each other. And the more we embrace that interdependence now in all of its robust positive values the better served we will be in a time of crisis.

posted on Sep, 27 2007 @ 05:27 AM
I would check with neighbors to see if any where in dire situations, elderly no heat. Would get together with a few other people and try to move them into places with fire.

Try to get whats left at store, but I assume the mad rush and looting is already over.

Set up small community meetings, send rep to local town hall/police department/church see how they are handling the (whatever happened)

Get everyone to drain the swimming pool into containers for water storage.

Set up units for fishing and rabbit scrounging. I have seen lots of wild rabbits.

Set up units for massive expanse of neighboring garden project a few blocks away.

Set up sentries to help or guide wandering people needing info or help.

Set up security for potential bad people, use abandoned house with heat issues for detention.

That's off the top of my head.

Just read the post above mine, I so agree with community.

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