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Bush space plans face tough opposition

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posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 04:21 AM
The Bush space plan faces tough opposition almost 48% of his cabinet opposes the plans to increase spending into space exploration

A CNN pol of a 1600 adults also landed in favor of an opposition saying that they would rather see bush balance the budget and improve education.

Ok lets look at the facts now. here is a simple equation I came up with.

New Space budget + Private Companies Investments= JOBS $$$ NEW TECHNOLOGIES New areas of study.

its not really a lose situation I thought I would never see man leave earth orbit let alone go to mars People wake up this is the best thing Bush has done for this country. There is something new to look towards to other than war. Think of all the great things that will come out of this.

posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 04:53 AM
I am with you on this. People are only wanting to take Bush down for what he has done. now he says lets go to the moon and much later in the future to mars using the moon as a lift of ground and people say its a bush plan can't be any good. what if clinton said it in his terms. If you want to go to the moon you need rechearch and youngsters which are dedicated for it. And as said before by some people for every dollar spend on the apollo project 7 dollar came in return. and if you ask people what that don't want to lose its all kinds of tech made posible by space rechearch. So if they want to stay in the dark ages and spend money on militairy its there money but we are going one way or the other if not with nasa then by privat organisations but this will take longer. youngster are willing it was on tv but its the older people they don't see the benifits and many of them are still afraid of using computers. they are afraid of progress. many earth problems can be solved by space science. for example power and medicines. Hydrogen fuelcells, enverimental clean cars and airplanes. ect. solving hunger on earth. the end to war. because people are going for a common goal and the tech could ensure no more war about oil.
Its our future and we must not stay in the stone ages.
So go to space and make jobs.

posted on Jan, 22 2004 @ 09:16 AM
Money wise Nasa is cancelling projects for this effort and his call for a 1 billion a year for 5 years is nothing. So yes this is hit Bush and forget about what opening up space will do for the WORLD, jobs, new technologies, etc.
Balance the budget is a lame excuse, as Nasa uses 1 percent on the nation's budget. So stopping this points to how they are trying to use this as a means of election mud throwing talk.
I wrote the President we need space just like lewis and clarke explored our new frontier. After they did that the west was hit with a population boom. Space once we get the mapping done will do the same thing. Hotels and mining colonies will pop up. Telescopes planted on a Lunar surface looking thru a non atmosphere will give us even more delights to look at.
This is a win , win by going.



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