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Massive Explosions 5 minutes AFTER WTC7 came down

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 12:39 PM
Dear ATSers,

I was looking over Seagals footage (9/11 eyewitness) I have a copy here. Did anyone notice what was happening after WTC7 came down? Over the next hour there were several more explosions almost identical to the sound of the explosions during and prior to wtc7 collapse, much like a clap of thunder. There is also significant ground shaking, surely there is seismic activity to show this.

Perhaps after WTC7 went down they were finishing off other buildings (or parts of them), or perhaps detonating unused charges? Its very hard to tell with all the smoke. Whatever the explosions are they are huge, making just as much noise as that massive boom just before WTC7 went down, and they are powerful enough to shake the camera!

Go to 30:00 and watch from there:

Google Video Link

Also if you watch the footage there is something really odd happening with one of the buildings near WTC7, perhaps could be fires but they don't appear to behaving like fires, more like lights blinking on and off.

Here are some examples:

notice the strange lights emanating from the building. Perhaps fire but it behaves very odd for fire. I don't think its a reflection either, its bright enough to penetrate smoke there should be little to no light to reflect.

Note these are all after WTC7 came down

Very interestingly during this clip one of the witnesses also describes what he heard sounded much like a clap of thunder rather than an explosion which would be consistent with something like the a-neutronic bomb (not to be confused with a neutron bomb!). There were several other accounts of this similar description of thunder like claps and it can be heard in one of the collapse shots from Trinity.

Here is an interesting article that may well be relevant to all this: The Mannlicher-Carcanno Bomb. It contains some info a-neutronic bomb, OKC and WTC:

Another victim, Ramona McDonald, who was driving about block away, remembers seeing a brilliant flash and described the feeling of static electricity. "It made a real loud static electricity sound. It sounded like big swarm of bees — you could actually hear it. The next thing was a real sharp clap, like thunder.…" McDonald also described both gold and blue flashes of light. Interestingly, Riconiscuto has called his device "Blue Death."

There are various other quotes like this that are consistant with reports of explosions at the WTC. Now i recall something about a-neutronic bombs being a bit of a myth but they would obsolete a suitcase nuke as they could be minaturised and controlled easier. Maybe so easy as to smuggle on to a plane ? Just some speculation there. I would like to know what you think though as always, look forward to your comments.


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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 02:14 PM

Excellent post, thanks very much for this info; the link you provided to OKC is fascinating and is just about definitive in explaining why that bombing was nothing what the gov't claimed it was, and in describing this A-neutronic bomb. quite compelling read.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 05:33 PM
Much more to absorb about Barometric bombs here :
Barometric or A-neutronic bomb, any more info?
Bombs were planted in the Murrah Federal Building, Documents detailing addition, undetonated devices removed.

By myself : I strongly suspect some sort of a barometric bomb was used at several floors in the WTC Towers, triggered by simple shock and movement sensitive mercury switches.
A top to bottom demolition would then subsequently trigger all mercury switches.
The barometric bomb suspensions will have been stored in the most simple containers, like boxed-in inside core columns, or better in the fire department emergency standpipes in all 3 towers, which coincidentally ALL were not in working order on 9/11 , so also not in WTC 7.

And I wrote numerous more pieces on these devices all over this board lately.
( Admins: And the board Search function sucks monumentally if you need to look up your own posts! I saw Valhall complaining about it lately multiple times too, so it's not compartmentalized to me alone.).

As I indicated in these last posts, these devices have an increasing demolishing effect on each other, when set off in a timely sequence.
They multiply in force if set off at decreasing floors of a building, causing an immense VACUUM which will aid the near free fall demolition planned in advance.

I am convinced these devices were used at all 3 WTC demolitions, and all of them had the same strength, if you look at the seismic proof from the LDEO charts registered at 9/11.

These immense vacuum effects also clearly explain what you can see when you observe the WTC 2 and 1 collapses, especially the initial ejecting trajectories of debris and dust, and then the "sucking back-in" of the same debris and dust shortly afterwards.

Also the thermobaric bomb "explosive force multiply at corners" effect does fit the observed "banana peeling" effect of both WTC 2 and 1 towers, it looked as if some event pushed a "piston" through a square "cylinder" downwards with immense force and speed, causing all 4 sides to peel away and rain down debris at mainly 4 distinctive debris pattern sides.

The placement of these devices in the towers will also have been very simple, from the top of the elevator cars, inside the shafts, at every 4th floor from the top down, and ignited also from the top down in decreasing sequence (mili seconds, btw).

These explosions will dustify all drywall, cement and concrete parts.
Since they can be compared to 0.1 to 0.5 kiloton atomic explosions in force. They expand 3 to 5 times slower than these, exactly what you saw in the WTC collapse videos.

It also fits much better the observed demolition patterns than prof Judy Woods thesis of DEW weapons usage.
I applaud her for her observation of the far too low debris piles of both towers, which should be 12% of the initial heights, but were no more than 3 stories high!

This is however caused by the immense explosive force of thermobaric bombs set off in short sequence, downwards from the impact positions.
That dustified all concrete floors and blew it to high heavens, as could be seen by the evolving thermoplastic clouds covering all Manhattan south point and all the way to New Jersey.
And blew most exterior panel parts out of the footprints.

Here's some visuals :

and this is the Russian version :

Please pay attention to the target's fine concrete dust shown in the last seconds of the Russian video, this is their way of showing you what dustified the WTC towers.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 06:06 PM
I'll throw in another one, a BBC translation of the Russian thermobaric bomb news footage :

Btw, better address this issue also :

If nature was left alone on 9/11, the top parts above the plane impacts -could- have crumbled, but would have been halted by the rest of the building, still standing strong and undamaged.
Especially the 47 core columns would have resisted further collapse.
Only an aided collapse pattern could have unzipped the 4 corners, and blown the exterior panels at all 4 sides away.

Btw, it is very difficult to collect proof of a thermobaric explosion set off.
There is nearly no residue to be found afterwards, it's all burned gases and vapour. And there's enough of that to be found all over the place after raging fires in the debris piles, for months afterwards.

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