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Xbox Live And the -lack- of Cust Service

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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 11:45 AM
I was just hung up on. And Now I'm Hung up on the lack of actual 'caring' by customer service, which is why they were hired in the first place.
I'm completely infuriated by their broken-record answers that don't actually answer, just make the customer angrier. Take for example: this morning - I call because theres an 83.93 charge on my debit card, going to XBL. I'm curious as to why theyve charged so much, adding to the fuel was an 8.00 charge from them minutes later (I decided to go with the 7.00+tax monthly fee instead of the 50 yearly fee). I call up, go figure the reps are all in some place other than the US, apparent by their accents. First guy I get is pretty rude to begin with, then gets more rude, and more like a broken record, insisting I never cancelled my account (true, however SOMETHING did, I have emails from XBL saying they cancelled my hunters license for Phantasy Star Universe and XBL Gold). This guy has the eggs to continue on saying its my fault for not calling and cancelling, while im trying to tell him I have proof I had cancelled, in the form of official XBL emails (Cancelled due to lack of funds in the ol bank account a few months ago). He doesnt listen, just keeps repeating whats showin on his screen to tell me, like a robot. I get increasingly more frustrated, and eventually he hangs up. Nice. I love you Microsoft. You did such a wonderful job hiring the best jerks to deal with your overcharged customers. They still havent given me a good excuse as to why theyve charged me 83 dollars.

Anyway, what the heck is the deal with Customer Service. When I worked at I tried my best to be kind to the customer, to help them if they had why be rude to the customer? It'll only get you in trouble in the end...


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