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Is the UFO Invasion real and the NWO is just being secret as they fight back

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 10:30 PM

Originally posted by Alien Abduct

Here I present some possible reasons for their abductions and such.

1. Population control and population culling or hybridization of our species -We pose some type of threat to their survival; the ability to overcome and adapt to infectious disease, we have a superior physical adaptation or strength, hardiness of stock, even a potentially longer lifespan than most species.

If the ETs are thousands or millions of years ahead of us, why would we have superior DNA to them?

Hybridizing our species? Why would they want to? Do we find it desirable to interbreed with chimps, apes, gorillas etc?

If they wanted/needed to upgrade their DNA, why wouldn't they just do it directly, like we do with plants, fruits and vegetables etc? Why would they need to actually mate with humans in order to upgrade their DNA.....?

With advanced genetics, species can upgrade themselves; it's not necessary to cross-breed with other species in order to get better DNA!

2.Genetic interbreeding program - We may be physically compatible with their species and they have an absolute need for survival to the degree that they are interbreeding with our species or experimenting with DNA .

If they really wanted/needed our DNA that badly, a simple hair or blood cell or fingernail or piece of skin would suffice, and then they could grow their own humans in test tubes ala "Jurassic Park".

It would NOT be necessary for them to actually bring humans - THOUSANDS of humans! - aboard their ships, anal probe them, torture them, force them kicking and screaming to mate with a Reptilian or Grey, etc etc. (Why not just extract some semen or eggs and do in vitro fertilizations?)

Some noted researches have suggested changing DNA to be genetically compatible with theirs so they can co-inhabit our planet. Others have suggested they couldn't survive within our environment without this type of hybridization.

Why would they want to co-inhabit THIS planet? When odds are there are many, many other planets with similar biospheres all around the galaxy to choose from?

Sorry but I don't think the "abductions as malevolent ETs harvesting our DNA" theory makes much sense. They would not need to abduct and torture thousands of LIVING humans for any of these [bizarre] goals when a single hair or piece of fingernail would suffice.

The abductions DO make a lot of sense as disinformation/psychological-warfare operations. How do we make people fear/hate the ETs? Make them think the ETs are experimenting on them, just like we do with rats, guinea pigs etc!

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by Thill
You forgot one small thing ..
Humans = a few thousand years of technological advancement (and about 100 of any worthy one) .
Aliens =thousands of years time. Alot alot more time to perfect their weaponary systems (based on the theory that if they invented a way to travel faster than light they had to invent some pretty powerfull weapons)
So its like saying that the we are afraid to send our marines to the small african village in the middle of nowhere because they have some pretty strong warriors with metal pikes.

Not necessarily.

If it is true that we've been reverse-engineering their technology for at least 60 years, we could possibly have fully operational systems that are fairly close to what they have.

And according to Disclosure Project witnesses such as Daniel Salter and Clifford Stone and John Weygandt, we have in fact been successful in hitting and downing their crafts.

So no I dont belive they would be scared of any weapons (even the black project ones) that our elites have . One major EMP pulse from orbit (which is already known by our primitive spiecies) would knock out all the defense systems and they could land safely ..

But why would they use a major EMP - which would permanently wipe out our electronics and send our civilization into chaos - if they are trying to land in one of our cities and do a peaceful disclosure?

But I might have worded it wrong at my first post . They dont have to phisicaly land the craft , showing over london/berlin/chicago and covering the sky for a few min would be enough if they wanted to make their presence known and therefore stop all the disinfo crap thats going on .

Well I think that has already been done, there have been whole waves of UFOs mass witnessed by thousands of people in places like Mexico, Brazil, Belgium etc.

Do a search on "UFO fleet" on Google or Youtube and you'll see what I mean.

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