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US bans diplomatic movements in Iraq outside Green Zone

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 03:21 AM

Baghdad, Sept. 19 (AP): The United States has suspended all land travel by US diplomats and other civilian officials in Iraq outside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, amid mounting public outrage over the alleged killing of civilians by the US Embassy's security provider Blackwater USA.

The move came even as the Iraqi government appeared to back down from statements Monday that it had permanently revoked Blackwater's license and would order its 1,000 personnel to leave the country — depriving American diplomats of security protection essential to operating in Baghdad.

This worries me,
not for the reasons stated in the article, but why suspend movement of diplomats, officials etc etc.

Surely, you could suspend the paid mercenaries from moving about, but thats not whats said here.

Paid security contractors arent being told to remain in doors, and they are the ones who provoked this.... it doesnt make sense!

I cant see Blackwater and all the other companies sitting on base, not doing what they are being paid for, yet this article is using blackwater as a REASON to keep everyone safe and sound within the compound.

Somethings up, we're getting our important people out of harms way, inside the secure compound to ensure no one sensisitve is lost in the rukkus.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 07:15 AM
Nah, the us did the right thing here. Blackwater is a security contractor. They are providing security for the US diplomats and civilian officals along with other things. Anytime these diplomats or civilians go somewhere they go in a convoy for protection. With the issues involving blackwater right now the US diplomats and civilains can't travel because they would have nobody their to protect them. Im sure there not too upset on that call.

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