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A Super Boycott I Call It

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 06:15 PM
It's called a super boycott. This is one of my usual grand ideas yet again. Boycott the God damn U.S., Russia, and China for having Nukes, violating rights, and being bent on world dominance at the expense of their citizens. What say you? What bad could come out of this? Not a damn thing.

Tell anyone that doesn't have a passport yet to get themself one. Tell them to gather up enough money to travel and live somewhere else henceforth. Basically, rally the ppl (the real troops for peace) to leave in droves. Then nobody will make any transactions in those cursed boycotted nations. Then tell everyone to make sure they dont make any kind of transactions within any of those nations from outside of them. I'm also talking excommunication.

And that's how to boycott. What would the big governments do then? Let them would-be superpowers fight each other to the death with all the cold-hearted patriots they'll have left for it.

Here in the U.S. the U.S. is a threat to its own citizens. You know why. We need to migrate in one bigger than big, smart strategic move of self-defense so we dont get caught up in the mix of the coming war that is infact brewing.

Lets leave these nations floppy, dry, and weak. Since we cant get rid of the evil it's time to flee from the evil. Let the true evil fight the true evil on its own.

The true superpower will be the ppl who are all together on just moving out. Call them the Peace League.

^^^This will be the movement starting from now. Who is with me on this? Or why not? Pass word on is how you do it. (mod edit) and tell them to pass word on too.

This movement will counter the rumored NWO movement dead in its tracks.

Edited out request to copy/paste this for distribution.

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