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Before you proceed...

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 04:24 PM
Before you proceed, before you should proceed, I need you to ask
yourself a couple questions.

Do you believe that our species is guided by a malicious force holding
back our true potential. Whatever this force may be, world elites,
secret societies, not so secret societies, a simple ruling class, etc.

Do you believe the average human being is pretty stupid and for the
most part asleep, just going about their everyday life doing
whatever various authority figures tell it to do. Do you believe,
the majority of the ones that are awake either lack the power, or
time, or resources to do anything about it.

Do you believe that the forces that are "awake", even though they
represent a small percentage and their degree of "awareness" varies
dramatically, could, if focused on a single target, into a single
entity, exact massive change unlike anything we have ever seen before.

If so, you may proceed…

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