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When you make a plan, keep it.

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 05:09 PM
Im not sure if theres anything that bothers me as much as when someone makes a plan with me and then breaks it, well, I guess what bothers me more is when someone cancels plans with me for less important plans, such as video games, and whats the worst part about it all, is I cant find anyone to replace them, because a certain someone thought

"hey, it doesnt really matter if I help him out or not, he doesnt need anyone there, I wont even ask him if its ok that I will bail out on him only hours before the set, he will understand, xbox is clearly more important than him"

WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS, seriously, is 2 hours enough notice to give someone that they wont be able to make it to whatever you have planned, sure I dont NEED her there, but thats not the point, the point is that this has been planned for about a week, more then 1 person thought she was going to be there, and we even had plans after the show, if it was something important, I would be fine with it, but of all things video games. And this isnt the first time this has happened, and not only her, tons of people do this to me, why cant people just give me some kind of notice, not an hour.

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 05:56 PM
I hear ya on that. We have a friend who does the same thing over and over. Got to the point where we don't invite her to things anymore. Sucks cause we've known her for like 10 years.

Maybe if you stop inviting her, she might get a clue. Enjoy your night though as much as you can!! Don't let it be a total waste

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by pshkwamy

I hate it when people do that to me. Fong fay kay a.k.a. being stood up.

If she does it repeatedly, maybe she is histrionic?

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:16 PM
Omg I agree with you sooo much. This happens to me so often, but they don't even call me. I will seriously be at the mall waiting for half an hour and then I'll call them and then they'll tell me they can't make it. It pisses me off. I mean, how immature and self-centered can one possibly be?

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by Paresthesia
I will seriously be at the mall waiting for half an hour and then I'll call them and then they'll tell me they can't make it.

That pisses me off so badly. I've even had experiences where after calling them, they try to put the blame on me. They'll be like "oh, you were supposed to call me when you get there".


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