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political pons..voters

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 02:07 PM
With all the presidential debates going on i have chosen to read between the lines.. around the lines.. and upside down. This is what i saw..

Both political parties playing voters for chumps. how? most candidates are chosen by their own. both sides know who they are going to pick as they all know each other and monitor each others polls.. and then hire speech writers ect. based on the expected competition. This is like chess not the lottery. they build their elections teams not against each other but against us. we are the pons of their game. both sides expect to lose pons; so they pick groups of their representatives that they can sacrifice to the expected bigotry and racism. you want to determine which pons the other side will take. so what this is politics right? well here is the pons of the political super bowl in no particular order:

a woman, a black man, a mormon, a 911 symbol, and as you go through them all the list rolls the same. the undertones of racism bigotry and religious bigotry and all else places the undertone debate not party vs party but us the represented against each other.. the thing is that none of these non debates has anything to do with qualifications for president (generically)

why bash all the different demographics for an election that is probably computer rigged anyhow.....

don't let political jerks who enjoy stirring people up for power lead your vote weather it counts or not.. the voters are supposed to determine the debate a qualifications!? ideally.. by making a good constitutional process a hate crime makes good people not vote or vote non intelligently.. anyhoo thats my rant on corruption in the election.

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