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I had to share what happend yesterday...i thought it was funny

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 04:53 PM
Sorry I just had to share this story because it had my wife, mother, father in law, and anyone else that heard it rolling on the floor laughing all night.

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday; we decided to keep it nice and small because on Friday we are going to celebrate. So I cooked her dinner with an appetizer got her favorite beer, and set it all up.

Well about 2 weeks before I surprised her by letting her pick some stuff off Victorieas Secret website and I bought it for her. I t arrived yesterday, perfect timing! Well I decided to surprise her with it because she didn’t know it arrived so I emptied the box and put the contents in the dinner chair she was going to sit in. my son decided to help with this and I let him. She comes out sees dinner and its wow, sees her presents and its wow she likes it. We tell our son to take out the empty box and throw it away. He decides to clear out the box and lo and behold finds a VS catalogue. His eyes go wide as dinner plates and zoom off to his room only to emerge 2 min WITHOUT the catalogue. This had my wife and I laughing all night! Behold the powers of a 12 year old; he was faster than the Flash for about 5 seconds.


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