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From The Mind Of The Jekyll.

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 01:16 PM

When Immortal Rage Has A Craving To Seduce Me,
Wrap Your Tranquil Soul Around My Heart
In The Violence Of A Never Ending Kiss.
The Take Me Out Of My Madness
And Lead Me Into Bliss.


If this fallen angel
Could find someone to adore,
This fallen angel
Would fall no more.
But still this angel misses
What has been and gone.
So how the hell
Can this angel carry on....


I can't escape it.
I',m drowning in it.
Trapped one more
By the thing I fear most....
Always,without mercy,
It pulls me under.
The Silence.
Deep,awful silence!


At Heaven's Gate
Where Angels Wait,
I'll Come For You.
I'll Spread My Wings
Where Devils Sing
And I'll Come To You.


I am lost
And I'm a fool.
Its turned me bitter
And its made me cruel.
I never thought
Life would be like this!

I have become nothing.
A no one with no face,
A wandering soul
In a desolate place.

How the hell did my life turn into this?


Gradually then suddenly
Born out of sorrow.
Crushing your nightmares
Can't kill off tomorrow.
Come suffocate with me
In the abyss below,
A voyeur of misery,
Whirlwind to zero!
And no spoken scream
Can cloudburst the night.
You write it in blood
With shameless delight.


Together we'll never
Never forever
Forever the storm
Storm driven weather
Whether or not.
Not tonight darling
Darling my love
Love is my anger
Anger forever
Forever together
Together we'll never.


Darling can you hear me won't you give me what I need,
My heart is full of violence and its getting hard to breathe.

Darling look at me I'm lost and so confused.
My soul has been blackened in this body I've abused.

Darling be my Angel,guide me thru this hell i helped to make.
I know I as a lot,but I'm not sure how much more I can take!

Darling hold on to me,I've so many things left to fear.
I know that I can make it if you promise always to be near.


....i wonder alone in the rain.
I am nothing but a shadow,
a dying ghost falling down the street.
I've become sadder than a dream just out've reach....
....and even when morning breaks in waves across my face,
it does not hide how pale i have become,my eyes reveal how my mind is undone....i live in Hell,haunted by nothing but memories....
....never can you forgive the anger I aimed at you....
never can you forgive all those things i did not need to say,
bitter words that drove you into the night.... should have been me,truth be told.
Without you I am nothing,I am no longer whole....


Devils are hearts on Angels wings.
Wings of fire,Wings of love.
Love screams as loud as hate
Hate breeds like cruelty.
Cruelty has a human heart
Hearts of Devils can break.
Break just like an Angels,
Angels are the biggest whores!
Whores of 7th Heaven.
Heaven can create a Hell
Hell is the burden of God.
God betrays all His creations
Creations kill God in revenge.
Revenge attacks on screaming wings
Wings of fire Wings of love.
Love is death to the heart
Hearts are Angels on Devils wings!

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[edit on 10-9-2007 by jakyll]

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