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The "Da Vinci" Prophecies

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 04:57 PM
Hi all,

Please find below translated from old Italian (directly from the book 'Aforismi, novelle e profezie') a few Da Vinci prophecies initially found in his manuscripts and printed for the 1st time at the end of 19th century in France and England and immediately later in Italy.

There are others, but as you can see, these are all related to the future pole shift, which is linked to the current global warming, according to my research.

Leonardo da Vinci
"L'acqua del mare si leverà sopra l' alte cime de' monti verso il cielo e ricaderà sopra alle abitazione delli omini."

The sea water will raise over the high peaks of mountains towards the sky and will fall over the people homes. (the ice flood or other phenomena related to the sea)

"Vedrassi voltare la terra sotto sopra, e risguardare li oppositi emisperii e scoprire le spilonche a ferocissimi animali."
Translation: One will see the land upside-down, the hemispheres will be in opposite direction and there will be very wild animals (the pole shift, and genetic engineering or tanks and planes)

"Verrà di verso il cielo che trasmuterà gran parte dell'Africa, che si mostra a esso cielo in verso l'Europa, e quella di Europa in verso l'Africa, e quelle delle provincie si mischieranno insieme con gran revoluzione."
Translation: The African sky will change, what is in this sky will be in Europe, and the one in Europe will be in Africa, and those in the provinces will mix in huge revolutions (pole shift)

"Vedrassi tutti li elementi insieme misti con grande revoluzione, transcorrere ora inverso il centro del mondo, ora inverso il cielo, e quando dalle parti meridianali scorreran con furia inverso il freddo settantrione, a[l]cu[n]a volta dall'oriente inverso l'occidente, e così di questo in quell'altro emisperio. "
Translation: All elements will be mixed with great revolution (change), moving in a moment towards the center of the world, in another moment, towards the sky, and when the southern parts move towards the cold north, the East will move towards the West, and this way from this to the other hemisphere. (pole shift)

Fabio R. de Araujo
Translator and Writer

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