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Incident at Salt Lake - Part IX

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:14 AM
I was on a roll now. Almost unaware of the pain, I continued walking. I noticed a truck drive beside me. He seemed to slow down, and at that point, thinking anything was possible, I wondered if ET had somehow changed its mode of transportation. I looked up to see a the driver slow down and look at me, then continue on. At the entrance to the ravine, he stopped. “What now?” I thought. Is it my car? What's wrong? He drove slowly down the steep embankment and disappeared.

It took me several minutes to get to the entrance after the little truck went through it. I saw him parked right next to my car, and in my fatigue, thought I saw him inside it! I quickened my pace as best I could, and took out my phone, 911 at the ready.

I got closer and realized no one was in it, and the driver was asleep in his truck. I almost laughed, got in my car, and drove home. And you know what? I STILL slept outside, ET be damned.

Some of you may think that was the wrong decision, but let me tell you what I think. I think they have the technology to 'get me' wherever I am. Therefore, it's just plain goofy to change my entire life when it doesn't make any difference to them anyway. I did notice all the triangles, sure. I don't think I saw the Light Escort. I DID see the 'airport tower lights' and another light off in the distance. But I still slept.

Conclusion - Or a New Beginning?

It's been only two days since this walking nightmare. What I am going to give you now is my OPINION based on THE FACTS of what happened, together with some intuition, some independent research, and some things I have learned from other people, including recently.

I am still having some trouble grasping it, taking it in, figuring out what it means. That's where you come in. That's where we all come in. Or, as Ben Franklin puts it " Unless we all hang together, we shall all hang separately."


WE HAVE BEEN INVADED. There is no easy way to put it. I saw them.

People talk about coming invasions. People: THEY ARE ALREADY HERE. NOW. In spaceship-cities literally MILES long. MANY of them. I have seen them only in SLC so far, but I have just acquired this ability and have not yet been anywhere else.

I don't know for sure why they are here, or what they want, but I will throw out some ideas. Next we'll talk about what to do about it. Always remember: What happened out there is FACT, what I am going to tell you about the 'why' is OPINION.

EVERYTHING I TOLD YOU ABOUT IS FACT. EVERYTHING. I have left out some particularly frightening things, only because it would serve no purpose other than to scare you. There is no other reason to let you know about these things. Other than that, it's the truth and the whole truth.

Now I give you my OPINION, based on considerable reading and other research. I AM ASKING THAT WE ALL CONTRIBUTE TO THESE IDEAS, in the SPIRIT OF LOVE and COOPERATION. I will ignore all fear-based comments.

I believe that representatives of our government made a deal, in closed doors without public authorization with these NLBs in the mid 1950s. It included an exchange of technology for 'borrowing' some people for their own twisted research. Using that research, the NLBs adapted their technology to be able to live among us virtually unnoticed.

Why? Why are they here? Well - and again, this is based on some earlier research, coupled with my observations that night - I think they use our emotions as 'drugs'. Or food even. I don't know which. Remember the Bobber?

I saw it doing some strange stuff, and always in the background. I saw it over the city, and I saw it 'connect' to the Boomerang in some weird pre-dawn ritual. I think it was feeding that Boomerang City.

I think it figures out what makes people tick and then pushes their buttons for their own twisted ends. In other words, it stimulates us to create drama, then feeds off that.

Now, I am not saying we are not responsible for our own actions. Far from that, and I think that is central to the way we get rid of these monsters. What I am saying is that it's hard not to cry when you slam your hand in the car door. Can you do it? Sure. But it's hard, and may involve 'repressing some emotion' or whatever. I am not a psychologist, but I have heard about repressing emotions and that it's not a good thing. But again, I am saying we use the tremendous intelligence we have even just here to figure this thing out together.

Also, and again in my opinion, even THEY have 'rules' by which they MUST obey. It's great. We can use those rules to our complete advantage.

First, NO PHYSICAL HARM must come to anyone they encounter, by THEIR means. They can ‘inspire‘ you to put yourself in a situation where you can be killed. I think that’s the greatest victory for them.

I know that an 'encounter' with them is not pleasant, or without some kind of harm. For a good reason, which I will explain, that's ok. We're talking here about physical harm, not mental or emotional.

The reason for that is that we are supposed to be in charge of our mental processes and our emotions. But as I said before, if we're provoked or stimulated in a certain way, it's really hard not to react. But there are ways. There are ways. Remember: We may not always be in charge of what happens to us, but WE ARE ALWAYS IN CHARGE OF HOW WE CHOOSE TO REACT TO IT. We live on the only Planet of Choice in the ENTIRE galaxy. I'll explain more about that later.

posted on Oct, 18 2007 @ 08:16 PM
....surprised all these Time Traveler from 96 posts were ignored last month? Seems like a wild story, there's 9 of these threads. . . .

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