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Jasn's Rant for Today -- Volume 1 "You are F'N UNAMERICAN!"

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 07:10 PM
Welcome, fellow members, to Jasn's Rant for Today -- Volume 1 entitled "You are F'N UNAMERICAN!"

At some point in recent history, it has become, in the eyes of some, un-American for a citizen of this country to question our government.

It has become quite common for someone who questions a war for profit to be told "if you hate America so much, maybe you should move over there."

At what point in time did we become haters of America because we don't agree with corrupt individuals within our government waging wars (in our name) for profit that cost us the lives of so many of our fellow countrymen and women?

When did us not agreeing to give up our civil liberties and our opposition to the governments' invasion of our privacy become an act of treason?

Where in the documents that established this nation does it say that we, as Americans, have a solemn duty to accept our governments actions without questioning those actions?

When did it become un-American to be AGAINST imperialism and the United States' policing of the world?

Are those of you who HONESTLY believe the bullcrap you spout so ignorant? Do you truly believe that the questioning of our government officials is an act of un-Americanism?

America was founded by men who felt it was our DUTY as Americans to RISE UP against any government that we viewed as tyrannical. Our country was FOUNDED upon a system of checks and balances that were put in place to insure that no single branch of government attained too much power as a means to avoid tyranny. Yet, when a certain branch of government usurps tht system of checks and balances, some of you deem US un-American for speaking out against that usurpation.

I contend that questioning one's government is WHOLLY American. I say that a true act of un-Americanism is letting your government gain too much control over YOUR country.

America is a country of the people, by the people and for the people. Yet, there are those of you out there that seem to have forgotten this. Somewhere along the line, you have become convinced that it is the "duty" of a true American to blindly accept ones government and support them even when they are in the wrong. That, to me, sounds more like a Communist government or Dictatorship.

Maybe I didn't get the memo, but the last I checked this was a Republic and not Mussolini's Italy.

Questioning one's government is the act of a TRUE American. Yet, we have leaders in power now that tell us that if we aren't with them we are against them. Does that sound like freedom to you?

Certain members of our government have a strong desire to create a global empire and they are doing so WITHOUT regard to how we feel about the idea. Hell, they are not even trying to hide it, they don't feel they have to.

"You hate America." Nope, not this boy, I LOVE America. I love my fellow citizens and I love what this country is SUPPOSE to stand for. It is my OBLIGATION as an American to question my government and their decisions.

Letting a corrupt government continue down any path it chooses without rising up and holding that government accountable for it's actions, THAT is truly un-American.


posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 05:49 PM
Now wait just a minute.. Why was his rant post on washing his hands of the 9-11 truth movement go to the trash bin? What was wrong with it and why did he get a warning?

I'm a soft spoken person by habit and I try to be slow to anger. But gee since I came here I find it harder to control my temper.

Now I'm MAD. This is whats wrong with our Country now!!!! Shut up you can't talk. BAH

Stop supressing our speech!! Just because our country is like that dosen't mean the staff at ATS has to do the same. So go ahead and give me a warning or ban me and I'll call ACLJ so fast you won't know what hit you.

Does Simius here have no rights to state his views. The 9-11 offical story is a joke. I mean get real do you honestly believe that towers 1 and 2 collapsed due to jet fuel? And that WTC 7 collapsed due to a fire?

Ok King George go back to Briton.

Have a nice day.

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 12:38 AM
it was moved because of "profanity"

though, when Mirthful moved it here to rant from the 9/11 forum MM apparently saw no rule breaking profanity in there.

oh well, thanx for the defense attempt anyhow hehe.


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