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The Loners

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 09:01 AM
Alright Time for a Little Loners Love on BTS. The Loners is A Mini (6 issues ) Written By C.B. Cebulski. The Loners (A.K.A Excelsior) First appeared in Brian K. Vaughn`s RUNAWAYS series. For those that have been into Comics for a LOOOONG time like me will know most of there members. Mostly 90`s Cheracters here they are with Short Descrptions (From Wikipidia)

* Michiko "Mickey" Musashi, Turbo, formerly of the New Warriors. Deciding that she would do more good with her education than she would adventuring, she retired the Torpedo armor and returned to investigative journalism. With the help of Phil Urich, she got a job at the Los Angeles Times.
* Phil Urich, the fourth, heroic, incarnation of the Green Goblin. After losing his costume and equipment during the Onslaught saga, he finished college and earned a degree in journalism.

[edit] Attendees

* Johnny Gallo, Ricochet of the Slingers. He is a mutant who has an early warning sense much like Spider-Man's, as well as enhanced agility, sensory perception, amazing targeting skills with thrown objects, and coordination. He decided to quit adventuring after becoming disillusioned with his prospects as a superhero.
* Chris Powell, Darkhawk. He decided to give up his powers after his nightmares became too intense for him to handle. Chris is short-tempered and prone to violence, especially in his Darkhawk form, attacking not only his targets, but his own teammates.
* Julie Power, Lightspeed (former codenames include Molecula and Starstreak) of Power Pack. Convinced that the superhero lifestyle robbed her of her childhood, she quit adventuring and moved to California, hoping to become an actress.

* Mattie Franklin, Spider-Woman. After being exploited to create Mutant Growth Hormone, Mattie moved to Los Angeles to start over and has been going to the meetings regularly.
* Hollow, formerly known as Penance of Generation X. It is unknown who is now residing in this hollow body.

So Far the 4 of the 6 issues have Been delivered but due to WORLD WAR HULK Both final issues (Should) Be delivered in September. If your looking for a Good time and Characters that bring back Memories LONERS is a GREAT read.

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