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Coppa Boba and Bob the fat bowl.

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 07:16 AM
hey every one, firstly can i just say this is my first story and i have tryed, so if you critcise it, please make it construtive. O and this story is a little bit......out side of the box. Hope you enjoy it.

Coppa Boba and Bob the fat bowl

"What another lovely day in Vixona" Show man Joe found him self saying after a waking from his slumber, after Joe awoke he though of the erotic dream he had just had which involved himself and a lovely lady banana called bananarea, they made sweet banana love and night long. Joe was going to use a banana condom but he knows cannabilisum is wrong, dream or not. Show man Joe got up out of his smart posh four poster, hammic and put on got his cane and put on his famous shiny black top hat. He was going to have some toast and read the paper but all that is in the paper is news about "The Bowl" killings.

So off Joe went on another adventure around the bueatiful and majestic land of Vixona, he went to the park, then to the volcano made of toffee and apples where he bumped into Colin the stick. Colin the stick was a juggler in the local circus, he was about 3 feet tall, a stick with an apple on the top with a pattern on it. He had no arms and that what made the juggling O so interesting. On the way to the top of the volcano Colin bumped into Shaun the all knowing Squirrel. Shaun was in on all the bad guys business, he was the go too guy for information, he also said gave Colin some criticism about his juggling, Colin didn't take too this too nicely and kicked Shauns butt from Vixona to Vixanio. In a musnt this ass kicking Shaun managed to stop Colin by telling him who the next target of "The Bowl" would be. Colin and Joe sat down and talked for a long time about pies and pears with cream, after the talk of food Colin mentioned to Joe that he was the next target for "THE BOWL" !

"The bowl" was the horror of Vixona, he has became infamous. He was very much like Jack the Ripper except "The Bowl" cut up bananas into lil slices and put them into novelty size packets of corn flakes. So for a giant banana like Show man Joe this through up many a problem.

After understandably fainting, Joe ran as fast as his little banana legs could take him towards the local Vixiona Blade Police station, here he ran into Coppa Boba, it hurt him a little get ran into but he let Joe off. Joe thought that Boba the Coppa would be the perfect person to tell since Boba ran into "The Bowl" a while ago and lost an eye to him, the story is truly sick, it involves six Japanese midgets, four mini elephants, The Bowl, and a gun. Coppa Boba then thought up a clever plan to trick the bowl and capture him and become the town hero. The plan was to let the bowl follow Joe and attack him, but boba would be behind and then catch up with them and arrest The Bowl. What could possibly go wrong ?

So off Joe went to pretend to do his business, he went to the local pool hall, then to the local Shakira monument, then to the Jessica alba statue and then he thought he was getting followed so he ran down a street that looked safe, but it was the bowl ! and he followed Joe down Murder Street. The Bowl emerged from the shadows and Joe got a look at his face it was fat bob ! Fat bob was the bowl ! he then pulled out a sword that had been built into his cane, and Bob whipped out his knife, they exchanged blows like an artist and his canvas, but Bob got the upper hand and cut off Joes banana head, it was over, the bowl had won another round.

Just as fat Bob placed Joes head into the bag Coppa Boba arrived and said "O Fat bob, hey, have you seen Show man Joe ?", Bob reply "No, i have not maybe he went down that dark ally". The Coppa boba noticed blood coming out of a paket of corn flakes with a top hat on top of it which was beside fat bob. Then the cogs started to turn and Boba shouted "YOUR THE BOWL !" knowing that he was in deep trouble he attacked Boba and swung for him like a mad man, knowing that Fat bob had a big weight advamtage Boba desided to end it fast and shot Bob in the leg to stop him.

Bob went to Vixions Majestic Jail and Boba became the town hero, all lived well, except Joe who was giving a heroes burial with a 12 spoon salute.

And they all lived happily ever after.

[edit on 2-9-2007 by Vixion]

posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 05:28 PM
Hiya - have sent you a U2U.

I'd be grateful if you could check it out and get back to me one way or another...

Take care,


posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 05:53 PM

Instead of a U2U, I figured that would suffice instead.

Great fun. Reminded me of of the story of Pressed Rat and Warthog (ala Cream)

posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 05:55 PM

You are scaring me now.....


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